The Power in Me

Hanna Howard

The Power You Have

In this piece Grendel and Beowulf are only a figure of the writers' imagination. With these diary entries Grendel symbolized the demons we may face and Beowulf symbolizes how we have the power to overcome our demons by ourselves if we have the courage to.

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The Power to Remain

“I have fought the fights and conquered, yet have found true power in staying gentle when the circumstances try to make me cruel.” -The Knight from Canterbury Tales

The Knight seemed to remain gentle even though he had been in wars. And I believe that shows true strength and power because remaining yourself whenever the world wants to make you cold is amazing.

The Power it Takes to Free

A shortened version of the the story, with an emphasis on power.


I chose power because I felt like power really stood out in the story of Beowulf. I found many examples and felt writing for this project was easy (Although I do not think I did the ballad correct).

I learned that even though an assignment sounds really stupid at first, it may actually be kind of fun to express yourself if you just give it a chance. That could be applied to anything, not just assignments. If an opportunity sounds stupid or not fun at first, it may actually be worth it if you give it a chance.

I feel like I made a really awesome portfolio.

I felt as though it was difficult to get a rough draft done on time sometimes because I did not exactly understand the story. I did my best, though.

One thing I would do in the future is really try and analyze the story more to maybe find hidden factors I missed to support what my topic was.