This Week in Team

Week of January 18, 2016

Monday, January 18

No School!

Enjoy your long weekend!

Tuesday, January 19

Team Does NOT Meet

Timeline for Grade Submission

Wednesday, January 20th

Grades due 8:30 am

Unofficial Failure Reports run

Thursday, January 21st

Report cards printed after 12:00 noon

Friday, January 22nd

Hand out report cards during 4th period

Official failure report by the end of the day

Deadline to clear incompletes for UIL eligibility is Friday, January 22nd (3:50).

Deadline to clear incompletes for MP3 is Friday, January 29th.

Wednesday, January 20

Unit 4 UbD Writing Continues

Thursday, January 21

Semester Reflection

Friday, January 22

Tech Tip of the Week - Video Tutorials/Flipped Classroom Resources

Tutorial videos are a great way for teachers to provide extra learning resources for students. With these recorded videos, students are able to review the lessons learned in class and catch up from afar during an absence. Videos also provide an excellent resource for future reference.

Learn how to use QuickTime (on your MacBook Air) here!

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