Chess Club News Update

Report by Mr Watson, Chess Program Manager.

"A strong memory, concentration, imagination and a strong will is required to become a great chess player." Bobby Fisher
The school's chess club is off to a flying start. Recently our chess teams won the Sydney Academy of Chess Challenge which was held at South Grafton High School. In our squad was Levin (team captain), Torin (vice-captain), Izaak, Toby, Ben, Leah, Dane, Timothy, Alex, Damien, Hugh, Emilee, Isaac, Tynan and Zlata.

Sydney Academy of Chess Tournament Winners

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Our squad's achievement was amazing winning all 7 trophies that were on offer! This term the Chess Club's focus is winning our 5th McLean Division Championship. This is the first step in the NSW State Knockouts. The next 2/3 weeks will see our intra school chess challenge begin. Each class in primary will play games to decide their class champion. Class champions will then play off to determine stage champions. Then we will conclude with the Champion of Champions Tournament. The winner of the Champions Tournament will play our current champion, Levin, for the title of South Grafton's Grand Master 2014.
Did you know chess is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports in NSW Public Schools?