Beautycounter is coming to Milwaukee

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Wednesday June 10th

Are you or anyone you know interested in learning more about Beautycounter? This will be a great chance to hear first hand from two of my very good friends who happen to be Beautycounter leaders!

You will learn about the business opportunities, the mission and of course get to sample product. It will be a fun, informative event. I encourage you to grab a friend or two and will be a great experience and might just change the way you look at beauty!

The time and place have yet to be determined...but they ususally take place somewhere cool, usually take place in the evening and usually run an hour or two. Ayesha and Leah are a'll have a great time. I promise! A formal invitation will follow via email!

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Questions About Beautycounter?

If you have ANY questions about Beautycounter or this event, please let me know!