The Coyote Trail

~All you need to know to find your way this week~

Student Engagement is key!

This is a common theme that has been discussed recently everywhere I have gone. I was able to hear Dave Burgess, author of "Teach like a Pirate" speak and his message was centered around how student engagement increases student learning. He even has a list of over 100 ways in his book to make changes to your lessons and classroom to increase the engagement of your students! There are tons of resources out there to give you ideas. If you find one you like, share it with everyone. This is already something most of you do but we can never talk about it enough.

Following my time with Mr. Burgess, Dr. Vinson send out the article I have attached to the email also about student engagement. We are doing this in Wylie. We are doing this at Cox. You are making a difference in the lives of children and increasing their hope and excitement in learning as well as making them feel loved. Thank you for all that you do and if you ever need someone to dress up or just do something crazy to help your lesson be more engaging, give me a call. Have a Howling good week!


Student Discipline

We are now paperless with our discipline referrals! You can use Skyward to document behavior and request an office referral. As soon as you enter it, Diana and I get an email. This is a great way to keep documentation all in one place and reach one of us quickly if you need us. Parents to do not see the entries unless it is an office referral that requires an action. Even though, please be factual and leave student names out of the description. Please let me know if you need any support using this feature.
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District Energy Challenge

Attached to the email, you will find a flyer that will be sent to all staff, parents, and community outlining how we are going to conserve energy during the week of September 28th - October 2nd. Please share with your parents as well. Here is a short outline:

Monday, Sept 28- Wear green and take selfies to share

Tuesday, Sept 29- Turn up the heat (72 degrees)

Wednesday, Sept 30- Green lunch day

Thursday, Oct 1- Lights out day~ open the windows and use natural light when possible

Friday, Oct 2- This is our day to decide how to conserve. Ask your students, what do they think we do on campus that uses the most energy? How can we cut down on the amount we use?

Let's get creative and show how smart our Coyotes are. There are prizes at stake!!

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Great things students do...

Don't forget to share the great things you are seeing in your classrooms and in the building by recognizing students during Howl-Outs each Friday. Use this link to enter the information and then make sure to notify parents so they can make arrangements to attend if they want.

Calling all performers...

Next Friday during our Howl-Out, I would love for a group of our teachers to lead the students in a little "Whip and Nae Nae" for a little break time! Now don't worry~ I have a video for you to watch below to become familiar with the moves and we will have a practice Tuesday right after duty in the library and possibly Thursday afternoon as well. It is not about how well you do this, it is about having fun and letting your students see you on stage. They will laugh at us and that is OKAY.
Silento- Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) #WatchMeDanceOn
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Quick Reminders

-6 weeks progress report will be coming due soon. Please make sure grades are entered and are following the WISD grading policy

- Please continue to work on completing data cards for EACH student in your classroom. We can't wait to see all of the progress they are going to make this year.

- Please continue updating class lists in google docs with the needed information. This will make completing the data cards easier for you.

White boards will be cleaned by the custodial crew each Friday. If you have something that you do not want erased, please leave a note for them. Thanks.

Kid President - A Pep Talk for the World

Cox Elementary

"Lighting the way to Learning"