PA Tax Dollar PSA

Keya GHosh

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Why an Income Tax is important to U.S. Government and peoples?

The tax is a fee charged by the government worker’s income and business benefit. The government doesn’t take these taxes. U.S government must first understand what is the money that funds the government and where it is goes. They sport related to to the build a public safety or health insurgence, education, etc. Some people do not enjoy paying that extra money to the government. But it is helping the city pay for those kind a things. If the income tax is not found the U.S government that it will be more difficult for everyone to paying to every bills. but that tax helps the city pay for things like roads, buildings etc. If people were charged to pay for their children high school education, it will be difficult for them because they have bills to pay. I think it is a good thing to paying tax to the government, make the country and states more safety or better place.