Le Centre Pompidou

By Jacob O.

What is Le Centre Pompidou?

From the outside, Le Centre Pompidou looks like an oil refinery. Of course, this colorful building is not an oil refinery. Le Centre Pompidou is really modern arts museum and library. The construction of the building was finished in 1977. The idea for a museum was thought of by Andre Malraux, France's First Prime Minister of Cultural Affairs. The citizens of Paris had wanted a museum of modern arts for along time, and it seemed their dreams were coming true. Paris also needed a large, public library, which did not exist at the time. It was then decided this new museum would also host the public library.

Where is Le Centre Pompidou?

Le Centre Pompidou is built on a historic site. Les Halles, famous Parisian structures, were removed for Le Centre Pompidou. This shows that the French truly wanted this museum and library, so much so they removed famous structures. The exact address of Le Centre Pompidou is Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004.
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How popular is Le Centre Pompidou?

Le Centre Pompidou is a very popular place in Paris, especially among teenagers. With the vast property, Le Centre is the perfect after school hangout. Le Centre Pompidou was intended to hold about 8,000 visitors a day. However, about twenty years after its opening, the museum had attracted about 145 million visitors. As of 2006, Le Centre Pompidou has had a total of 180 million visitors.

The pipes of Le Centre Pompidou

Le Centre Pompidou is perhaps most well known for its "inside out" appearance. It's called inside out because all the pipes (plumbing, heating, etc.) are on the outside of the building. This allows extra room for displaying art. The pipes are colored coded and follow this plan: green pipes are plumbing, blue pipes are climate control, the yellow pipes have electrical wires in them, and safety devices (e.g. fire extinguishers) are in the red pipes.
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