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Romero Team Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 3:30-4pm

Room 18


2013/14 Leadership Update

2014 Fundraising Ideas

Encouraging House Connectedness and Leadership

New way of recording uniform infringements!

In my techy goodness (or badness), there is now a quickfire alternative to record any students out of uniform in your PC...

Remembering that we're after a random once per week check from each PC.

Romero Games Dates

In the spirit of trying to involve the students more in their house, the following is being set up:

12 Sept Ext PC - Romero Games run by R3 & R6 (Stadium) (No Year 7's)

10 Oct Ext PC - Romero Games run by R2 & R4 (Stadium) (Teresa Day)

7 Nov Ext PC - Romero Games run by R1 & R5 (Stadium) (No Year 12's)

Approach those students who you know to be capable, but are sitting back. They will need to organise 2 short (5 minute each) games in which members of each PC can compete against each other.



Shuffle Board

Handball competition

1 Minute Sprint on Stationary bike

Please note the dates that your PC will be running these games, as it is up to them to take the lead on these days (with help of course!)


Here goes:

28th August - Year 10 Formative reports (AS SUBJECT TEACHER) Due

29th August - Year 9 Formative reports (AS Learning Adviser) Due to House Leader

29th August - Year 7, 8, 11 Interim Reports Due (AS SUBJECT TEACHER)

4th September - Year 10 Formative Reports (AS Learning Adviser) Due to House Leader

4th September - Romero PC Yearbook Pages due!

20th September - Last day of Term 3!!!

For a laugh...

Dara O'Briain - Live at the Apollo on Teachers