Going to Gamestop

by: Benjamin Jillson


Benjamin wants 5 Amiibo's plus a guide book that costs 5$. If his total amount was 65$ what is the amount of an Amiibo?
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Max buys 5 games every week at GameStop with a discount of 3 other games, so he get those too every week. Grant buys 6 games a week plus one bonus game from his friend that works at GameStop . How many weeks till Grant has more games than Max?
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Kirby times 3!

Ben has 3 power ups for Kirby every day plus 12 he found on his adventure. Max has 2 power ups a day and finds an additional 6 on his adventure and gets 7 more from a treasure chest. How many days till Ben and max have the same amount of power ups?
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Smash bros finale!

Ben and max battle each other in super smash bros. Ben gets 3 points every time he kills max plus the 5 points he has already.max gets 2 points every time he kills Ben plus the 6 points he has already. How many kills do they both need to tie?
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