19 January 2022 Edition

JROTC BLOOD DRIVE SUCCESS! The "blood mobile" is still here (Wednesday evening) and it looks like we met our appointment/donation goal! Thank you to all cadets and parents who participated.

ORIENTEERING MEET: Sixteen cadets will compete in the Houston Orienteering Club's Stubblefield Line-O Saturday, 22 January, in the Sam Houston National Forest. We will meet at the Senior Campus at 7:00am and should return by 4:00pm. Cadets will need money for lunch. Dress in layers and wear a watch!

SPIRIT NIGHT AT GRUB BURGER! All day...see image below for details. You MUST mention Woodlands JROTC for our Booster Club to get credit--and share that with the people in line too!

Big picture

WYLIE EAST DRILL/PT MEET: Friday 04 February through Saturday 05 February. Drill Team members and selected PT competitors will travel. Cadets will depart the Senior Campus at 7:30am (will miss school all day that day) and return Saturday at 9:30pm. There is a $100 fee for attendees, listed on your child's SchoolCash Online account.

MARKSMANSHIP NATIONALS: Wednesday 02 February through Sunday 06 February. Cadets will depart the Senior Campus at 6:00am (will miss school Wed, Thu, Fri) and return Sunday at 10:00pm. Traveling team members have been notified; there is a $100 fee for attendees listed on their SchoolCash Online account.

TREE PLANTING COMMUNITY SERVICE: Saturday 12 February. Two shifts; 8-10am and 10am-noon; cadets wishing to participate can sign up for one or both. Uniform is AF PT shirts and shorts (AF sweats optional) since cadets will likely get a little dirty! Bringing work/garden gloves and shovels is highly encouraged. Signup is via the Township website at; parent's digital signature required when signing up.

DRONE EXPO: The Aerospace Team hosts our 6th Annual district-wide Drone Expo Saturday 12 February in the Senior Campus main gym 1:00-3:00pm. Indoor and outdoor competitions and exhibits, with prizes for top competitors and drawings for prizes for spectators too! Spectators welcome! Cadets volunteering to help with the event will earn Community Service hours; cadet spectators will count as an Activity.

COOPER DRILL/PT MEET: Friday 25 February through Saturday 26 February. Drill Team members and selected PT competitors will travel. There is a $75 fee for attendees loaded against their SchoolCash Online account.

CHILI COOKOFF: Flyer below. Cadets and parents can enter the chili cookoff and/or dessert bakeoff. Please bring your family, wear your best Western attire (optional), and enjoy the activities! Also, a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth Harris, this year's Chili Cookoff chairperson!

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CADET TUTORING LIST AVAILABLE--Cadets can view the list by using their email address/password. All cadets are welcome to reach out to these tutors for FREE assistance; it will help their grades, and will help the upperclassmen (Kitty Hawk Air Society members) with their required tutoring hours! The following link is the tutoring list, accessible with cadets' CISD login (StudentMail) only: KHAS Tutoring List

CADET PORTRAIT ORDERING INFORMATION: Parents can order by visiting In the main menu, click ORDER PORTRAITS>All Others Click Here>2021-22 TWHS JROTC. The keyword/password is your child's student ID number.

JROTC COVID-19 MAKEUP UNIFORM/PT POLICY: We understand some cadets must miss school for several days while waiting for test results, and must isolate for 10 days if they are positive. We do not want them to have to worry about making up multiple consecutive missed uniform and PT days if they are sick! The instructor consensus is this: if you miss school specifically for COVID (self-isolating while awaiting test results, and isolating if positive), you will make up ONE missed uniform wear and ONE missed PT. In other words, if you only miss one week of school because your test result is negative, you would make up that week's uniform wear (wear to school on the first JROTC day you're back) and PT (after school) the following week without penalty. If you must remain at home for 10 consecutive days, you would still only make up one uniform wear and PT. If you have additional questions please speak with an instructor.

ALL CADETS--MASK WEAR IN UNIFORM: In accordance with current school policy, masks are not required to be worn. Should you choose to wear a mask to school, your Cadet Staff has decided in the spirit of standardization to require plain black masks on your Uniform Day each week. You can wear whatever kind of mask you want on non-uniform days, but on each Wed/Thu you have JROTC, you must wear a black mask with your uniform.

AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: After-school PT is Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm; Orienteering is Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4pm; Drill Team is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm; and Marksmanship (upperclass only during fall semester) is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm. Aerospace Team simulators are Mondays through Thursdays, 3-4:30pm, with simulator signups in half-hour time slots.

PICTURES ON SNAPFISH! SnapFish has lots of photos from various events throughout the year. You can order prints if you'd like, or just scroll through them for your viewing enjoyment. We recently uploaded photos from our Cadet Leadership Course held in June (scroll through the albums to June 2021 to view them). Visit; the login is and the password is tx20062afjrotc.