15 September 2021 Edition

MISSING REQUIRED ITEMS: Please get these items completed ASAP and let us know if you need assistance. These are the "must have" items to remain enrolled in JROTC. Here's where we stand with items still due back to us:

SCHOOL PHYSICALS--DOCTOR EXAM: Missing forms from: Hoang, Mansell, Reed, Rios, Roa, Stair. Scroll down for instructions to complete.

SCHOOL PHYSICALS--ONLINE FORMS: Missing forms from: Mansell, Reed, Rios, Vaughan. Scroll down for instructions to complete.

CADET FEES: As of last week's report from the school Finance Office, we still had 20 cadets who had not yet paid the $150 fee, which represents $4,500 of funding we need for items such as unit polo shirts, alterations, etc. We will get an updated report this Friday; we do not need a cadet to show us a receipt. If paying in installments works better for your family, you must pay in the school's Finance Office using check or cash (SchoolCash cannot accommodate installment plans; your child can bring the payments directly to the Finance Office). If you need sponsorship you must let us know so we don't keep asking you to pay! Your privacy is assured.

PRESIDENTIAL FITNESS TEST STATUS: We have completed our in-class administration of the test, but every cadet must take this fitness test as it is required by our Headquarters within the first 45 days of school starting. Cadets who have not yet taken the PFT must coordinate to take it at the senior campus after school by Friday (17 September):

A Flight: 100% Complete!

B Flight: 100% Complete!

C Flight: 100% Complete!

D Flight: 100% Complete!

E Flight: Kotchenov, Rios

F Flight: 100% Complete!

G Flight: 100% Complete!

Management: 100% Complete!

Staff: 100% Complete!

AIR FORCE BIRTHDAY PARTY--SUPPLIES NEEDED: Our cadets have planned a party after school this Friday celebrating the USAF birthday (September 18th, 1947). The Booster Club is asking for donations of water and soft drinks for the event. If you would like to contribute, there are a few items still needed--visit the Signup Genius link here to donate.

SEPTEMBER BOOSTER CLUB MEETING: Due to the CISD school cancelation this week, our regular Booster Club Meeting has been postponed to Tuesday, September 21st; still in the Senior Campus JROTC area at 7pm. We hope to see you all there!

JROTC COVID-19 MAKEUP UNIFORM/PT POLICY: We understand some cadets must miss school for several days while waiting for test results, and must isolate for 10 days if they are positive. We do not want them to have to worry about making up multiple consecutive missed uniform and PT days if they are sick! The instructor consensus is this: if you miss school specifically for COVID (self-isolating while awaiting test results, and isolating if positive), you will make up ONE missed uniform wear and ONE missed PT. In other words, if you only miss one week of school because your test result is negative, you would make up that week's uniform wear (wear to school on the first JROTC day you're back) and PT (after school) the following week without penalty. If you must remain at home for 10 consecutive days, you would still only make up one uniform wear and PT. If you have additional questions please speak with an instructor.

CADET TUTORING LIST AVAILABLE--Cadets can view the list by using their email address/password. All cadets are welcome to reach out to these tutors for FREE assistance; it will help their grades, and will help the upperclassmen (Kitty Hawk Air Society members) with their required tutoring hours! The following link is the tutoring list (accessible to cadets' CISD login only): KHAS Tutoring List

SCHOOL PHYSICALS: A CISD school physical is a requirement to be in JROTC, as it is with sports, band, etc. A current physical (for AY21-22) is required for both new and returning cadets. Your doctor/clinic must use the CISD form and give you the original or a copy to turn in to us. Physicals generally cost $25; you can visit your family physician or any number of walk-in clinics (bring the CISD form with you in case they don't have it! You can download and print the form by clicking here). At the top of the form it asks for "ID Number;" that is your child's CISD school ID (6-digit number in Parent Access).

There is also an online portion which must be completed via the RankOne portal; click here for instruction and registration. NOTE: if you are having difficulty registering/logging in, you can "continue as guest" as long as you have your child's name and School ID available.

Walk-in (or scheduled) visits at a clinic such as Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc. are generally quicker than scheduling an appointment with your family physician, who may already be booked for a month out or more. A cadet telling us they can't schedule their exam with their physician for (days, weeks) is NOT an acceptable excuse.

Please note--your child cannot legally participate in our fitness classes, which are 20% of our curriculum--until this requirement is complete. Delays may require us to remove your child from JROTC and find another class where they can be successful.

ALL CADETS--MASK WEAR IN UNIFORM: In accordance with current school policy, masks are not required to be worn. Should you choose to wear a mask to school, your Cadet Staff has decided in the spirit of standardization to require plain black masks on your Uniform Day each week. You can wear whatever kind of mask you want on non-uniform days, but on each Wed/Thu you have JROTC, you must wear a black mask with your uniform.

SERVICE ACADEMY/COLLEGE ROTC WEBINAR: LtColMc recorded this 35-minute informational session last fall. Many cadets have questions on how to begin this process--you can start making yourself competitive NOW (freshmen through senior)! The webinar is an overview; LtColMc also has a handout which can be emailed to the cadet at their request. To view the webinar click here.

FLIGHT ACADEMY WEBINAR: Flight Academy is a highly selective nationwide JROTC program in which cadets can earn their pilot's license over the summer. The application window for Summer 2022 is open. For general information on the program, process, eligibility requirements, and how to make yourself competitive, you can view LtColMc's 24-minute informational video by clicking here.

AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: After-school PT is Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm; Orienteering is Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4pm; Drill Team is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm; and Marksmanship (upperclass only during fall semester) is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm. Aerospace Team simulators are Mondays through Thursdays, 3-4:30pm, with simulator signups in half-hour time slots.

PICTURES ON SNAPFISH! SnapFish has lots of photos from various events throughout the year. You can order prints if you'd like, or just scroll through them for your viewing enjoyment. We recently uploaded photos from our Cadet Leadership Course held in June (scroll through the albums to June 2021 to view them). Visit; the login is and the password is tx20062afjrotc.

JROTC YEARBOOKS: Many of you have already picked yours up; if you have not done so, we will hand them out during your flight period. If you have not purchased one yet, we do have extra copies available. The cost remains $25 and we can accept cash, or you can pay online via the Booster Club's Venmo account. To pay using Venmo: Open the Venmo app. If using the QR Code (below), upon scanning the TWHS AF JROTC account will pop up. Click the "Pay or Request" button and type in $25.00 for each yearbook ordered. Important! In the "What is this for?" area, type in the name(s) of the cadet(s) for whom you are purchasing the yearbook (i.e. if you're sponsoring another cadet and paying $50 total, put both names in this field). Then click the "Pay" button.

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