12 May 2021 Edition

JROTC YEARBOOK UPDATE: Our cadet-produced yearbook should be ordered by the end of this week--they are putting the finishing touches on it. NOTE: LtColMc had initially set up the purchase option through the school and webstore (School Cash Online). However, for several reasons we can't use this process, so we must refund any orders already placed through that system. The new method of payment will be through our Booster Club. The cost remains $25 and we can accept cash, or you can pay online via the Booster Club's Venmo account. To pay using Venmo: Open the Venmo app. If using the QR Code (below), upon scanning the TWHS AF JROTC account will pop up. Click the "Pay or Request" button and type in $25.00 for each yearbook ordered. Important! In the "What is this for?" area, type in the name(s) of the cadet(s) for whom you are purchasing the yearbook (i.e. if you're sponsoring another cadet and paying $50 total, put both names in this field). Then click the "Pay" button.

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HAIL AND FAREWELL FRIDAY, MAY 14th, 5-7PM: We say goodbye to our graduating seniors, and welcome our incoming freshmen (and field their questions, along with those of their parents). Individually-packaged Rudy's Tacos and chips/snacks will be provided, and Kona Ice will arrive at 5:45 with refreshments for purchase with 20% of sales going back to the Booster Club! All are welcome to attend...there may be a water-balloon fight break out among the cadets...BYOWB!

DONATIONS NEEDED FOR HAIL AND FAREWELL! If you can provide the chips/snacks, please scan the QR Code below for the Signup Genius link.

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CADET LEADERSHIP COURSE: We have a mandatory prep session Thursday, 13 May, after school for all cadets planning to attend. At the session, your child will receive a Cadet/Parent Agreement outlining the expectations/requirements which we will need signed and returned. CLC runs Tuesday June 1st through Friday June 4th (Staff prep Monday May 31st) with a 5am bus departure each day from Oak Ridge HS (yes, that is correct) and a 5pm pickup from TWHS 9th Grade Campus. The fee will be $50 to cover shirts, hats, and meals which we must order in advance--will set up in the Webstore for cadets hoping to attend.

SPIRIT NIGHT AT MOD PIZZA! We will have a Spirit Night (well, all day really) at MOD Pizza's Indian Springs location (6777 Woodlands Parkway, Suite 314) on the last day of school (half day!) from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. We didn't get to have this last year, but typically the cadets enjoy going there after school's out and spending time (and money) with their friends. And with an all-day event, you can eat there for breakfast AND dinner! A percentage of the ticket will go to our Booster Club!

JROTC IN-PERSON ONLY NEXT YEAR: Due to the standup of the CISD Virtual Academy in the fall, JROTC next year is in-person only with no remote option.

WINDOW FOR NEXT-YEAR SCHOOL PHYSICALS OPEN NOW! Details and forms are available at; scroll down for the forms and instructions. Avoid the August rush. A CISD school physical is a requirement to be in JROTC, as it is with sports, band, etc.

YOUNG EAGLES FLIGHTS: Sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association, this is an opportunity for youth to fly in a small airplane and even control it themselves to introduce them to the world of aviation. Cadets must be passing all their classes and priority is given to cadets involved in our Aerospace program and seniors down through freshmen. Flights are generally available each weekend, weather permitting. See LtColMc for details.

PICTURES ON SNAPFISH! SnapFish has lots of photos from various events throughout the year. You can order prints if you'd like, or just scroll through them for your viewing enjoyment. Visit; the login is and the password is tx20062afjrotc.

AY20-21 TWHS JROTC Recruiting Video
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