20 October 2021 Edition

CADET FEES: Update as of last Friday morning. The total missing amounts to $900 we could use for program activities. If paying in installments works better for your family, you must pay in the school's Finance Office using check or cash (SchoolCash cannot accommodate installment plans; your child can bring the payments directly to the Finance Office). If you need sponsorship you must let an instructor know (email is fine) so we don't keep asking you to pay! We keep such requests private. Cadets with unpaid fees:

A Flight: Michael Smith; D Flight: Seth Dykstra, Thomas Reed;

F Flight: Gabbi Roa; G Flight: Kailey Coffel; Management: Jeremiah Acosta

ORIENTEERING MEET RESULTS: Our 26 competitors did very well for their first meet this past Saturday; we had two cadets place out of more than 200 participants regionwide! Freshman Alex Fernandez took 2nd in Junior Males and senior Therese Stubblefield took 2nd in Adult Females. Full results are posted on the bulletin boards. Congratulations everyone! We look forward to our next meet at Challenger 7 Memorial Park in Houston Saturday, 06 November.

RED AND GREEN PARADE: JROTC participates in the Red and Green Parade Wednesday, 20 October, in two ways: sophomores and up are welcome to march in our parade formation (in blue uniform); freshmen and those who don't march can serve as spectators (in blue uniform) cheering us on! Cadets marching need to meet next Wednesday in the Senior Campus JROTC room by 4:30pm. Cadets spectating (in uniform) will meet in the Senior Campus JROTC room by 5:15pm so they can sign in for credit. Cadets marching earn community service hours; cadets spectating (in uniform) earn an activity toward the Activities Ribbon.

CAMPUS CLEANUP: Our first Campus Cleanup community service will be Thursday, 21 October, 3-4pm at the Senior Campus. Cadets participating will earn an hour toward their Service Ribbon.

SPIRIT NIGHT: El Chaparro, Tuesday 26 October, 5-9pm. Mention JROTC and our Booster Club gets back 10%!

FUNDRAISER TO HONOR VETERANS/SUPPORT OUR BOOSTER CLUB: Each year we purchase wreaths to be placed on fallen heroes' graves at the National Cemetery in Houston, through the Wreaths Across America program. Wreaths are $15 each with $5 going directly to our Booster Club. NOTE: You are purchasing a wreath which will be automatically delivered to the Cemetery and placed in mid-December; nothing comes to your home and no further action is required on your part. You can purchase as many wreaths as you'd like, and you can share this link with family and friends across the country so they can help out too! Click this link to donate, or copy and paste to share:

DRILL EXPO: Our Drill Team has been hard at work preparing for the first competition--which got pushed to December! In the meantime, they'd love to have you come see their performance in Gym 1 at the Senior Campus Wednesday, 27 October, 6:30-8pm. All are welcome! Cadets attending to support the team will earn an activity toward their ribbon.

CADET PORTRAITS: Sophomores through seniors will have their portraits taken Wednesday 27 October and Thursday 28 October during their normal JROTC class period. The uniform is service dress--ensure you have your tie/tie tab, silver name tag, ranks, ribbons, badges, and ropes ready! Freshmen will have their portrait day at the 9th Grade Campus Wednesday, 03 November, also in their service dress. These portraits make great gifts (Christmas presents!) for family--order forms will be provided to cadets in class; a breakdown of packages and pricing is in the image below (scroll down).

KITTY HAWK AIR SOCIETY INDUCTION: We had 21 cadets accepted into KHAS this fall! These cadets will all receive an acceptance letter in their flight period this week. The induction ceremony is Thursday, 28 October at 7pm in the Senior Campus LGI. Inductees must arrive in service dress by 6:45 for rehearsal. Family and friends are welcome!

AIR FORCE PT TEST: As part of our classroom Fitness Program (Fridays), cadets will take the same test active-duty Air Force members take, as a benchmark of fitness and a chance to earn their Fitness Ribbon (and even Bronze, Silver, or Gold Stars!). This is another Corps-wide testing event. Management, F, and G Flights will test during class Friday, 29 October. A through E Flights will test during class Friday, 05 November. Makeups will be held after school with instructor coordination.

OCTOBER SOCIAL ACTIVITY: "Spooky Halloween Hunt," Friday 29 October, 3-5pm at the Senior Campus. Competition, candy, and snacks--plus a costume party with a prize for whichever flight attends with the most cadets in costume.

FLIGHT ACADEMY TESTING AND APPLICATIONS: The Aviation Qualifying Test must be taken by Wednesday, 03 November and completed applications are due Friday, 05 November. Eligible cadets must coordinate with LtColMc to take the AQT and ensure all application requirements are met--there are only 4 weeks to complete!

CISD SALUTE TO VETERANS: Thursday, 11 November, 10am at Woodforest Stadium. This is a mandatory event for our cadets (it's a field trip; they are excused from class) but we enjoy seeing family and friends in the stands as well! All five JROTC units in Conroe ISD will form up on the field in a ceremony and parade honoring our local heroes. Scroll down for the poster.

JROTC COVID-19 MAKEUP UNIFORM/PT POLICY: We understand some cadets must miss school for several days while waiting for test results, and must isolate for 10 days if they are positive. We do not want them to have to worry about making up multiple consecutive missed uniform and PT days if they are sick! The instructor consensus is this: if you miss school specifically for COVID (self-isolating while awaiting test results, and isolating if positive), you will make up ONE missed uniform wear and ONE missed PT. In other words, if you only miss one week of school because your test result is negative, you would make up that week's uniform wear (wear to school on the first JROTC day you're back) and PT (after school) the following week without penalty. If you must remain at home for 10 consecutive days, you would still only make up one uniform wear and PT. If you have additional questions please speak with an instructor.

CADET TUTORING LIST AVAILABLE--Cadets can view the list by using their email address/password. All cadets are welcome to reach out to these tutors for FREE assistance; it will help their grades, and will help the upperclassmen (Kitty Hawk Air Society members) with their required tutoring hours! The following link is the tutoring list, accessible with cadets' CISD login (StudentMail) only: KHAS Tutoring List

ALL CADETS--MASK WEAR IN UNIFORM: In accordance with current school policy, masks are not required to be worn. Should you choose to wear a mask to school, your Cadet Staff has decided in the spirit of standardization to require plain black masks on your Uniform Day each week. You can wear whatever kind of mask you want on non-uniform days, but on each Wed/Thu you have JROTC, you must wear a black mask with your uniform.

SERVICE ACADEMY/COLLEGE ROTC WEBINAR: Many cadets have questions on how to begin this process--you can start making yourself competitive NOW (freshmen through senior)! The webinar is now embedded in this newsletter toward the bottom of the page. LtColMc also has a handout which can be emailed to the cadet at their request.

FLIGHT ACADEMY WEBINAR: Flight Academy is a highly selective nationwide JROTC program in which cadets can earn their pilot's license over the summer. For general information on the program, process, eligibility requirements, and how to make yourself competitive, you can view LtColMc's 24-minute informational video by scrolling down to the embedded video near the bottom of this newsletter.

AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: After-school PT is Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm; Orienteering is Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4pm; Drill Team is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm; and Marksmanship (upperclass only during fall semester) is Mondays through Thursdays 3-4:30pm. Aerospace Team simulators are Mondays through Thursdays, 3-4:30pm, with simulator signups in half-hour time slots.

PICTURES ON SNAPFISH! SnapFish has lots of photos from various events throughout the year. You can order prints if you'd like, or just scroll through them for your viewing enjoyment. We recently uploaded photos from our Cadet Leadership Course held in June (scroll through the albums to June 2021 to view them). Visit; the login is and the password is tx20062afjrotc.

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2020-2021 JROTC YEARBOOKS: If you have not purchased one yet, we do have extra copies available. The cost remains $25 and we can accept cash, or you can pay online via the Booster Club's Venmo account. To pay using Venmo: Open the Venmo app. If using the QR Code (below), upon scanning the TWHS AF JROTC account will pop up. Click the "Pay or Request" button and type in $25.00 for each yearbook ordered. Important! In the "What is this for?" area, type in the name(s) of the cadet(s) for whom you are purchasing the yearbook (i.e. if you're sponsoring another cadet and paying $50 total, put both names in this field). Then click the "Pay" button.

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2020 Service Academies and College ROTC Webinar
2020 JROTC Flight Academy Webinar