Nate Conard

Monster storm nears in the northeast

Weather forecasters are warning the nation about a huge storm that is expected to drop 3 feet of snow in New York, January 26. Citizens all over went and got food and supplies in case they were stuck in there house for a few days. The storm is expected to hit the East Coast and affect a tremendous amount of people. All businesses and schools were shut down for the week. This storm is predicted to last up to 5 dissatisfying days. The storm started morning of January 27. It was brief at first, but a few hours later it was pouring with snow and ice. The wind reached speeds of 60 mph! The storm lasted 3 days with little damage.

When the moon and the sunline up, look out below

When the moon and sun line up, look out below

There was a "super tide" that flooded mont-saint Michel, a 1,000 year old French town. People say that this was caused from an eclipse. Thousands came to watch the 46 foot waves surround the island. People call it the "Tide of the century", but it happens every 18 years. People say it's because the tides are higher in the spring, but storm like this don't happen every spring.

Volleyball player not getting enough playing time

A volley coach had a contract with a player that she could play for a year. The player wasn't getting a enough playing time. She was benched for the first two tournaments. The coach told her she was the best player that tried out, but she ended up on the bench. "Kids get disappointed if there benched, everyone can't play at the same time I try to give them all a chance." Said the coach. She was disappointed at the end of the year, she only played in 2 out 5 tournaments. The next year, She left the team and sand played full time on a different team.