Mrs. Prestridge's 5th Grade Class

Meadow Lane 2016-2017

October 13th, 2016

Our week began with a fun celebration with our Glow in the Dark Disco Party. Our class targeted transitions and respect for improvement: quickly and quietly moving from desks to line up; putting supplies away for the next activity; completing procedures or following directions the first time, listening while the teacher is giving instructions.) Good job guys!

We also had Buddies with our 2nd grade buddy class: Mrs. Puppe's class. Students enjoyed getting to know their 2nd grade buddies with a get to know you activity.

Students have also been rehearsing for our musical one day a week on Thursdays @ 3pm. The music program will be on November 3rd at 2:00 and 7:00 . Students can wear whatever they choose that would be a typical outfit for a Saturday.

We will be going to see Annie, a musical put on by PRT middle school on November 2nd. Permission slips were sent home Wednesday. Please return asap.

I also sent home a Parent Teacher conference form for parents to fill out ahead of time. Please return Monday.


No Spelling Homework this week. Math homework is review for our math test!

Questions: email me @

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Grant Awarded!!!! Yippeee

Well, our class had a great surprise Friday--most surprised: ME! Our Spelling test was interrupted by a surprise visit from the Olathe Public Schools Foundation. I was awarded a check for $394--funding for a grant that I wrote for my classroom: Executive Functions Brain Breaks. This funding will allow me to purchase materials for new brain break games that focus on strengthening the working memory, organization, and processing skills of our students. I am ecstatic!!!! I have never written a grant before, so to be able to cross this off the bucket list is great! I can't wait to update you on the impact this will have on your child! Thanks to the district, Mr. Lowe and my team for the support! More details to come!
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Our Topic 3 Math test will be Tuesday, November 18th. The homework log's math problems include review items for the test. Please encourage your child to complete to study for the test. Our next math topic will focus on division.

We wrapped up our Case of the Missing poodle detective reporting by completing a script that detectives would use to read at a press conference. Some students chose to record these live broadcasts;) Some students also created a "telegami" app video reading their accusations. We are just starting to dabble into the world of video recording, practice makes perfect: more to come! This is a fun and creative way to share learning. My requirement in class is the learning and writing has to be completed first in order to transpose into "live action." This rule really helps motivate students.

In Reading, we read an excerpt from the story Old Yeller. We completed a vocab-o-gram, wrote a constructed response and completed a comprehension quiz.


The students built a lung model this week. Please ask them to pull it out and explain to you the path of air starting at the nose. They should use these terms: nasal cavity-air is cleaned, warmed, and moistened; pharynx (throat); larynx (voice box); trachea (windpipe); bronchi -the two tubes off of the trachea; lungs; bronchial tubes; alveoli-capillaries, oxygen, carbon dioxide; and diaphragm. The respiratory system unit is much shorter than the circulatory system unit because of the overlap between the two. We look forward to Mrs. Engelland visiting science class next week with a pig lung!


This week student groups shared their mural displaying daily life in a tribe from different cultural regions. Students wrapped up this unit by writing a constructed response to compare and contrast cultural regions. We started learning about the Age of Exploration by becoming underwater archaeologists to study the artifacts and items from nature found in a sunken ship of an explorer. Next week, students will learn about different explorers to the New World.

This week in Writing we focused on Informational Writing. We established what informational writing looks like and learned a helpful strategy called “Six Thinking Hats.” This strategy helps students think of a topic from different perspectives. We applied this strategy with a text about “tree kangaroos” from our Journey’s story. We also identified parts of speech from this text to sharpen our grammar skills.

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