Music Director

Andreanna Steele

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Job Description

Develop, coordinate and supervise music programs and organizations. This includes day-to-day activities such as training and teaching musical technique to members, selecting pieces, planning and scheduling rehearsals, and transcribing musical compositions.
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Working Conditions

Most of the day will be spent up, directing and conducting the group. The director must be able to demonstrate marching techniques (high school level only in most occasions), and show students how to play a variety of instruments. A marching band director can expect to work outdoors in all types of weather. A band director often places high expectations himself to and his band to perform well.

Training/Educational Requirements

Most states require a director to have at least a bachelor's degree and a valid teacher's license to serve as a high school director. As a music major, the band director should demonstrate knowledge of musical elements and musical instruments. As the director of a concert band, the music director must demonstrate the capability of preparing the band for a musical performance. The job requires skills and experience in teaching, conducting, and musical ability.
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Personal Characteristics

~Enthusiasm!- The director must have hope for the ensemble and act as an inspiration to the students. They will do what it takes to help the ensemble reach it's fullest potential.

~Patience- Learning and perfecting compositions takes time. Different students may be at different levels of musical maturity, so it is important to acquire a great deal of patience in order to account for all the different needs.

~Clarity- A good leader must have a goal set straight and clear vision for success. It is essential to be clear and unambiguous in instruction.

~Musicality- It is important to have a deep, intuitive understanding of how music and harmonic structures work.

~Observant- A director must have an observant ear and be able to pick out minor details in elements such as tuning and balance in order to successfully interpret compositions.

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Earnings and Job Outlook

The median salary a music director is $54,400. In 2014, the number of jobs available was about 82,100, and the job outlook from 2014-2024 is 3%, which is slower than average. More job opportunities would be available in big cities rather than small cities, considering there would be larger and a more numerous amount of schools. Usually, no on-the-job training is required.

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