Walt Croy

Media Literacy

What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy is a new way of teaching. The world of education is moving more towards electronic textbooks, using social media websites to assign assignments, and using text messages to remind us of homework and projects. Also media literacy is learning and understanding all of the social media websites and electronics being used in today’s society. This includes all the pros and cons of social media along with learning how to use them properly. Media literacy is really changing the world.

Being media literate is knowing what is going on in the world and keeping up with the latest technology at the current time. Also this includes knowing what is going on social media websites currently. Understanding that what you post online will always be there forever. This is your electronic tattoo. It is almost impossible to totally take something off the internet after you already posted it. So media literate are careful with what they post. Also being media literate is knowing how to physical work a laptop, iPhone, or tablet. The more you are comfortable with electronics the more successful you will be in this current day and time.

Nike Commercial

Best Nike Find Your Greatness Commercial - The Jogger

The Jogger

Nike in the commercial, "The Jogger", explains that greatness is not only for a select few but greatness is for everyone. Nike supports their claim by illustrating that greatness is not just for the athletes and prodigies, its not a special strip in our DNA, and states that greatness is no more unique than breathing. The author's purpose is to motivate people that don't believe in what they can achieve in order to show that no matter where you came from or what you look like that your are able to be great. The author's writes in a serious tone for all the people who doubt themselves.

Asian Drivers

It is a sad sight to see those, who drive around this great city, or travel, through this great country, when they see the street, the roads and sidewalks, covered with fire trucks and ambulances, followed by the awful drivers that come from across the water. These horrible drivers put not just themselves in danger but put everyone on the street in danger. They can barely see objects that aren’t moving much less objects moving 60 miles per hour.

I think it is agreed by all drivers, that this number of awful drivers in this city is increasing every day. If we keep allowing these bad drivers to drive then we will be driving in a moving mind field just to get to the grocery store.

All the accidents these slant eyes create are taking away time from all the local firefighters and not allowing them to focus on more important problems.

The way we can fix this problem is to offer a taxi service that will only pick up all the nine irons around the city. These drivers will be certified and will be able to talk fluent native languages. They will also know where all the local ASIA food markets are.

For first, having these taxis will decrease the accident percentage and will help the local fire stations focus on more important situations


Secondly, this will make other drivers feel more comfortable. They won’t have to worry about getting blind-sided by a flying sushi roll coming across the intersection.

Thirdly, this will lessen the general traffic. The less of these bad drivers we have on the road the better off our roads are going to be.

Fourthly, taking these rice eyes off the road will help protect all our dogs and cats from getting run over.

Fifthly, it will help other drivers from being blind. They drive around at night with their high beams on because they can barely see during the day much less when it’s dark outside.

Sixthly, taking all the nine irons of the road will help clear up parking. They do not how to park in just one spot. They are always taking up two spots because they either park on the line or way over it.

Seventhly, the worst possible thing is if the rice eye is an old women. This is a for sure accident.

If we take these awful drivers off the road everyone else will be able to drive with less stress in this town and will feel more comfortable driving on the streets. They need to go!

Buried Alive

Being buried alive is one of the most feared things in the world. The thought of waking up in a coffin 10ft under the ground is something I will forever be scared of. There would be no worse feeling of being trapped in a box that is right in your face and not being able to move. Knowing that I would be taking my last breathes in a 2 foot by 6 foot box is something that I will never be able to come to peace with. The fear of death, claustrophobia, and suffocating are all things that will happen from being buried alive. Being buried alive was once used as a torture method. In the 18th and 19th centuries was when being buried alive hit it peek. There would be moments of panic while inside the coffin because there is no room for you to move around or roll over. The fear of the dark is another thing some people might get spooked out about. Think of laying down on you back with bugs and dirt all around you knowing that there is life only 10ft above you. The panic and freaking out would be one of the hardest things to deal with.

I have never been faced with this before in my life and I hope I never will have to encounter it. I honestly do not know what I would do if I was faced with this situation. I would be so freaked out I wouldn’t know what to do. I would not put someone else in place for me if this was to ever happen to me.

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Changing History

On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Often referred to as 9/11, the attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction, triggering major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism and defining the presidency of George W. Bush. Over 3,000 people were killed during the attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., including more than 400 police officers and firefighters.

This was the biggest attack on United States soil and that is why this would be the one day in history that I would change. In the long run of things this would have never happened. The day would be just a normal casual day in New York and Washington. The 19 militants would have never participated in the crime and none of it would have happened. The 11th of September, 2001 would be a normal day. For some reason today all the airports were going to have lock down security and all the airliners would be short on staff so the lines would be even longer than normal. The hijackers would start there day off by getting stuck in awful traffic on their way to the airport. This would make them a little late to the airport to make their flight on time. As they make their way into the highly secure and long lined airport they will begin to panic about their plan failing. They get in line to check in their bags and begin to freak out because the line is over two hundred yards long. Their palms become sweaty and they become even more nervous and start to act suspicious with their actions. As they slowly start to walk up to the check in they get tapped on the shoulder by another passenger and they let them know that they dropped something. This makes the hijackers even more paranoid. They make it through the check in and head to the mile long line to get through security. While they are waiting in line they see a group of security guards talking and pointing at them. The hijackers start to think they got caught and freak out. As they approach the body scanner they think they made it all fine. As the first guy walks through he gets tackled as soon as he steps out on the other side. Then his friends that were waiting in line with him all get handcuffed and brought to the back room and 9/11 never happened!

The reason that I picked this event to change is because this is the worst terrorist attack in the United States history. Changing this event would change the way we live our lives today and how we view certain people differently.

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This is an image of the towers being hit by the plane

UAB Sports

Sunday, Dec. 14th, 11:45pm

Birmingham, AL, United States

Birmingham, AL

The University of Alabama Birmingham will not be having a football team next year due to a lack of scholarship money towards the schools athletic programs. Along with football there will be no rifle team or bowling team. This is something that is outrageous in my eyes. The city of Birmingham is one of the best cities in Alabama and they deserve to have a football team. There is no reason why they should not be able to bring in another sponsor to give money to help the program keep rolling. What people need to also realize is that there were at least 50 high school kids that were planning on continuing there dream of playing college football at the University of Alabama Birmingham. They are now not going to be able to do so because there is no more football program. The upcoming seniors are players that will have it the hardest because they were planning on playing there last football season ever but then get blindsided by this. We should not just protest for ourselves but for all the players and alumni of the University of Alabama Birmingham.

SoundCloud: Down with Big Brother

The world is corrupt. The government is corrupt. They control our thoughts and actions. They listen to us all the time. They watch us all the time. They make us have fear in our bodies throughout the whole day. They make up lies we believe and we make up lies we believe. We know we will be tortured if we don’t believe in what they want us to believe. They make us believe war is a good thing. We are brainwashed into believing whatever the government tells us. We don’t know how to live because we are scared if we do wrong then we will be tortured. We live like robots being controlled by Big Brother. We yell at some scream for two minutes a day and we are not even sure why we are doing it. We think we are at war but not really sure and not really sure who with. For enjoyment we like to see people get hung. We worry about getting into trouble with the thought police because little kids like to tell on us. I’m not really sure what emotions are because I’m scared if I show them then I’ll become the entertainment for the evening. We never know who is watching us. What is love? How are we supposed to love? The government makes us get married, it’s not my choice. We have imprisoned ourselves. Power is used by the inner party in the wrong way. They like to see us suffer. They like to watch our ever move. They sip on their wine and turn off the telescreens whenever they want to. They get in no trouble. They like to see us suffer and be in pain. We should not take any more of their inhumane actions. We are over half of the population and we should stop all this and stand up for ourselves. We need to realize we are just as good as them and stand up to them. Stand up to the government. Stand up to the inner party. Stand up to Big Brother. We could be the ones on top. We could be the ones in control. We need to change history. Not just on paper because we are told to do so but physically. So we have something to show in the future that we know is true. If we don’t take a stand and beat the government then no one will. We need to be the ones everyone looks up to. Why not take a stand. Why not stand up for ourselves. Why not change the world into a truthful place, not a place of lies. We can change this over time. The time is know. The world is going down if we do not change it today. Time and numbers will be the way we take over the government. Time and numbers will be the way we take over Big Brother!


Cellphones are a trend in society that is a dystopia. They are used by the people to check twitter, text friends, and call family but they are used by the government to track everyone and to know who they are talking too. This is how the phones are used against the people. Having a phone is a need in today’s world so almost everyone has one. So the government tracking the phones is how they are considered to be a dystopia. Using radars and satellites some police officers and government officials are able to tell the certain location of some with in a 20 yard radius just by using the phones signal. Also they are able to listen in on the conversations people have over the phone. This shows that there is almost no privacy when it comes to using a phone. People only use phones because they feel like they always have to stay in touch with everyone even though they know that the government is tracking them. They still get mad about it when there is a simple solution to the problem. All someone needs to do if they don’t want to be tracked is not carry a phone on them. Another thing that I think is a dystopia through phones is the icloud that apple uses. This is an unknown storage space that is used by all apple users to hold photos, contacts, and messages. There is someone in the apple industry that has access to all that information in the “cloud”.

My Radio

Stars - My Radio (AM Mix)
The song My Radio by Stars is a song about a kind of world that is moving in the wrong direction. In the song it talks about how people collect around a radio every night to listen to there favorite DJ only to realize that they are living in a world that has gone very wrong. In the song they say, "The truth ill tell". This relates to how Winston wants to tell the truth but can not because of Big Brother and the Thought Police. Another thing that relates to the book is when the song says, "All I want is a room somewhere far away from the chemo air". This relates to the book because everyone wants to get away from the telescreens and microphones but cant because they are everywhere and sees and hears everything going on. "In the dark behind other peoples eyes" relates to how the people live behind the government and see everything through the governments eyes. This song is overall a good theme song for the novel because it is about a dystopian life style.


It's hard to remember days
Mornings lost in a chronic haze
Breath is fast and the trains are slow
I barely feel it though
All day long I fantasize in the dark behind other people's eyes
And then they disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere

The truth I'll tell, I'll tell the truth
Sixteen on a summer roof
You ask for facts, well I'll give you proof

Hot sun on skin
That crimson dress too thin
All winter up her woods
I touched it, it felt good

All I want is my radio
All I want is my radio

He speaks in a voice I know
Sounds like sand when the tide is low
We kiss to that voice each night
Bathed in bare reactor light
I cry when the morning comes
Count my blessings and my thumbs
Say "thanks God" for whatever comes
And quickly cross my fingers

All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the chemo air
And when I go my radio
Will play a melody that lingers

All I want is my radio
Station ninety-nine point O (99.0)
Tell the DJ: "DJ, keep it slow"
Light to fade before you know

It's hard to remember days
Mornings lost in a chronic haze
Breath is fast and the trains are slow
Barely even feel it though
All day long I fantasize in the dark behind other people's eyes
And then they slowly disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere

The truth I'll tell, I'll tell, I'll tell the truth
Sixteen on a summer roof
You ask for facts, well I'll give you proof
Here's the truth

All I want is my radio [x20]
Tell the DJ, "DJ, keep it slow"
Light to fade before you know...

The Best Teacher

This semester in Media Li I learned a lot. The main thing I got out of this class was the positives and negatives that come with social media. Social media is something that is a part of our everyday lives now even though it is ruining it at the same time. The things I got out of this class are learning how to write with better descriptive words, how to analyze a commercial better, and write an overall better paper. This class was different from ever other class I took because there was never a day that I came to class knowing what was going to happen. Every other language arts class I have taken is either all about reading books or writing papers and in this class we learned about both of those and we also learned about current things which helped keep it more interesting. We had a bunch of interesting talks in the class and a bunch of fun in class assignments. The best in class assignment we did was the create-a-country. This was something I had never done before in any of my classes. This class helped me prepare for college because this was one of very few classes who actually set a date something was supposed to be turned in and followed that date. There isn’t anything I could think of that you could do differently. This class was one of the best classes I have ever taken. It is all because of the teacher, Coach Zopf.