Latin American Leaders

Joshua Oberg

Jose Maria Morelos

Born in Mexico

September 30, 1765- December 22, 1815(1815-12-22)

Social Class- Creolle

In November Pedro helped the congress declare Mexico’s independence, and in October 1814, at Apatzingán.

Jose controlled most of Mexico southwest of Mexico City, holding at one time or another Acapulco, Oaxaca, Tehuacán, and Cuautla

Morelos was born in Valladolid, since renamed "Morelia" in his honor.

South American Leader

Pedro I of Brazil

Born is Portugal

12 October 1798- 24 September 1834

Social Status- Peninsular

He helped Portugal and Brazil

Pedro I invaded Portugal at the head of an army in July 1832. Faced at first with what seemed a national civil war, he soon became involved in a wider conflict that enveloped the Iberian Peninsula in a struggle.

Nicknamed "the Liberator" and the founder and first ruler of Brazil