History, people and beauty


Luxembourg was founded in 963 and became a dutchy in 1815 and independent under Netherlands. Most of its land was taken by Belgium in1839. It was overrun by Germany in both World Wars. In 1957, it became one of the six founders of the European economic community. In 1999 It adopted the Euro.

Location, features and attractions

Luxembourg is located between France and Germany with no other countries touching it. It has ouch open areas with forests and mountains spoted with small towns. People visit Luxembourg for this and the architecture and beauty of the country.

The flag

The Flag has the mix of the German and French flags. It has the lines going across like Germany and the colors of France. The flag was first used in 1845 and was officially adopted on June 23. 1972.


Befor euro, people in Luxembourg would carry a variety of currencys with them. The most commonly used was the Belgian money.


-Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe.

-Luxembourg is 998^2 miles

-even though it is small it holds over 100,000 people

-almost all sporting avents can be found in Luxembourg