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Who Created the Feminist Theory?

Feminist Literary Critisim started in 1929 by Virginia Woolf. She created this theory because she felt that women write differently compared to men due to their experiences.

What is Feminist Theory?

Feminist Theory looks at how women write in different era's. Meaning that depending on the time the woman is writing in, it will have an influence on her writing.


How is the relationship between men and women portrayed?

  • The relationship between men and women are portrayed in the poem “Love Is Not All” as a delicate one. A woman being the author writes about love and explains how men go against the very definition of what it is. The woman is portrayed to be the sensible one while the man the impulsive one, thus making their relationship a delicate one.
  • The relationship between men and women are portrayed in the story “Two Words” to be a struggle between power. The woman Belisa Crepusculario has power with her words, while the Colonel has power with his strength.

Do characters take on traits from the opposite genders? How so? How does that change people’s reactions to them?

The characters Belisa and the Colonel from the story “Two Words” take on roles from the opposite gender because Belisa holds most of the power in the story, she is literate and she is a breadwinner, she makes a living selling words. These traits are typically one of a man especially in the society and era the story was set in. the Colonel takes on traits of the opposite gender because he is illiterate, and towards the end of the story he becomes a little more feminine and submissive, though it is not overtly stated. These traits are usually associated with females. People were wary of Belisa and thought the Colonel lost his manhood. The man in the poem “Love Is Not All” takes on a trait of the opposite gender considering he is seen as impulsive while the author who is a women is sensible. The man is typically the sensible one and the one with a clear view of things.


  • Looks at what has been largely ignored in society
  • Looks at the importance of the experience for both genders

What roles do both men and women play within the family and work situations?

  • The roles both men and women play within the work situations is that they are both breadwinners. They both have a profession and work for a living.

What are the social and historical conditions for women in this period that might help us understand their roles and desires in the text?

  • In the story “Two Words” Belisa states that the Colonel was a soldier in the civil war. That shows that the story is set in the time period of 1860’s. This is a time where women did not have real jobs; they were prostitutes, wives or servants. Thus Belisa having a real profession is rare.
  • The poem “Love Is Not All” was written between 1892-1950, this gives us the idea that the historical condition for women was not good. This was a time period were women had no opinion and did not matter, they were seen as mere objects. Thus the author writing about what love is and her clear distain for how men see love makes complete sense.

What does the work reveal about the operations of patriarchy?

  • The poem reveals that the operation of patriarchy oppresses women in their need for love. The women is being psychologically oppressed and controlled in her society. The author shows the lack of love the women experiences and how she is being restricted from releasing the love she was meant to share.


  • Focuses on one element (women and gender)
Disney's Feminist Facelift: Tangled, Frozen, & Brave

In our short clip, the feminist theory is evident is several occasions and also have some similar relations to society. On one occasion it was evident that the Disney film Tangled, is portraying woman as being emotionless and miserable until a night and shiny armoured male comes along and finally gives her purpose to life. It shows relation to society because there are people in society that feel like a man can change a prospective on an individuals life . As well as in the same film, Disney portrays woman as being nothing but housewives. Absolutely having no dreams and hopes of accomplishing anything , nor authority. Disney makes it seem like woman have no value but to take care of whats at home . Which relates to society, there are some families in society that believe woman have no value and responsibilities,but to hold down the house and make sure the family is in order . There are some occasions where the woman of the house hold may attempt to seek success but there is always someone (males) to interfere. On another occasion, the Disney movie "Brave" portrays that a female is considered an outcast because she succeeds at a higher level than men. Often breaking the social norm that everybody obeyed by just to prove to her society that it's okay to be different . Which relates to society, men often get discouraged when they see a female succeed . In society men don't like to see woman doing better than them because it makes them look bad which leads into signs of sabotage and humiliation. Also in relation to breaking tradition, groups like the Amish community never break traditions. They aren't allowed to due to fact that the churches say no. Very few woman break traditions and attempt to do unpredictable things but lead in to serious and fatal consequences.

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