Genetically Modified Plants

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What they can do for you!

  • GMO is our answer to fighting off world hunger. A surplus of crops can be produced because of an overabundance of crops. We can help distribute this surplus around the world to the poorer parts of the world.
  • These plants can help farmers who earn very little and spend most of their money on pesticide. GMOs can become stronger and more resistant to pests which will save farmers money and yield more crops.
  • GMOs can also maintain our environment. These plants will be more resistant to pests so once animals eat them, the pests won't go along with the plant into the stomach of an animal.
  • GMOs are modified so that they can be safer and healthier for us to eat. These plants can have less oil and fat, making them healthy and nutritious for out bodies.
  • GMOs are thoroughly tested and highly regulated, which makes them the safest foods out there by the rules of the FDA.