Amanda Mancilla-Kimbrough

Spanish Teacher since 2011

What makes me a great Candidate?

  1. I have a proven track record both in previous teaching positions and in my current teaching position. I am reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking. My teaching career has been successful due to my perseverance and positive attitude.
  2. I am flexible! This is not the first time that I have stepped into a teaching position during the middle of the year and I can already anticipate the unique challenges that this can sometimes bring. I also value diversity both in my classroom and workplace. I enjoy working with people that are different from me and strive to ensure that everyone feels included and valued in my work place.
  3. I have demonstrated a strong desire to constantly make improvements in my teaching career. In the past year I have obtained my AP Spanish certification after completing a graduate level course at Winthrop and I am currently completing my Masters in Teaching English has a Second Language at UNCC. In addition to these classes I have attend workshops and created my own professional network using online social media.
  4. My teaching experience and newly acquired knowledge helps ensure that I am a high quality teacher that you would be proud to have on staff at your school. I have a greater understanding of appropriate assessments that align with proficiency standards in World Languages. In my current teaching position I have continued to address all the language modalities and I am prepared to show current samples of listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Speaking Samples , Reading Comprehension and Writing (this awesome teacher, Martina Bex, even provided the proficiency skill rubric on the last page) , listening Zachary Jones is another outstanding resource the sample I linked above was used during the week of Halloween and students listen to and compare the trailers one is marketed towards Spain the other is Latin America so the sentence structure and vocabulary are different. This provides students with an opportunity to be exposed to the same material several times while also allowing them to make comparisons within the language of study. His activities are engaging which motivates students to participate and take their language learning beyond the textbook.
  5. I am product of Union County Public schools and I already have an understanding of the populations that we service. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to form school appropriate positive relationships both students, parents and staff in the area.

A few Examples

My Big Take Aways

I have enjoyed my current teaching position but have also felt frustrated at times. The professional development that I have attended both in parson and online has been an eye opener for me. Before I followed through with the requirements placed on me as a teacher with understanding why I had to complete them. I have learned more about the World Language Teaching framework and guiding principals on my own through my own practice than I did following orders.

Important Concepts

  • Proficiency based standards focus on what a student can do with the language. It makes learning more meaningful and relevant. Its is easier on the teacher because the goal is curriculum depth not breadth.
  • "I can Statements" from Linguafolio and language supports from WIDA set students up for success. The I can Statements are student friendly goals that work to empower the students and help them set goals with the target language. Example: "I Can listen to a commercial and identify the target audience for the product being advertised." Language supports are the pieces given to help students meet the end goal. Example "As students read an biography they can sequence main events using pictures" or "As students read an biography they can sequence main events using sentence frames."
  • All students can have access to the content when provided with proper supports. Cognitively all students can complete the same tasks. What changes is the level of support given and the expected language production. Obviously a novice level students will produce different utterances than an intermediate level student. My goal as the teacher is to give them support and expose them to language slightly above their current level to encourage growth. I hate when I share an activity or unit with a colleague and I receive a response like "That's too hard for my students" or "Thats great for upper level students but the novice level need more basic practice and drills." I refuse to take on the deficit mentality! I Focus on what my students can do and what supports they need to meet my expectations.
  • Lastly, variety is the spice of life and I want YOU to be excited to step into my classroom. I want you to have fun but also know that you have to learn and keep up the rigorous content.