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AV Cato Clinic- What We are About

Promoting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of students and faculty of AV Cato is the primary focus of the AV Cato Clinic. This clinic also seeks to educate and influence students, families and staff thus creating a healthier and more whole community.

AVC Clinic Facts

*AVC Clinic sees about 8950 children per year for illness, injuries and mishaps and medication administrations.

*AVC Clinic also has another 1800 visits a year for RTI, Vision, Hearing, A/N, Ht and WT screens

The clinic experiences approximately 375 staff memebers a year for illnesses and injuries as well.

Karen Fimbrez, RN

Hello my name is Karen Fimbrez, RN and I am so glad to be the school nurse here at AV Cato Elementary.

I am a Kindergarten through graduation Castleberry Alumni. I married my husband, Frank Fimbrez and we moved to River Oaks to raise our children in the community and to be educated through CISD because truely love what we have here, it is rare.

Nursing is my second career, I first, taught and directed preschool for over 10 years so I have a more than a nurse's eye view of a student and I know what it's like to struggle as a student, an educator and a parent.

This year I seek to BE available, encouraging , organized, proactive and diligent!

My goals this school year are to BE

I will BE Available! (both physically and emotionally for my students, parents and staff)

I will BE Encouraging!

I will BE Organized!

I will BE Proactive!

I will BE Diligent!