Incredible facial reflexology tools

Dien Chan - Multireflex

Self-treating made simple

The multireflexology tools produce yin and yang stimulations. They help to activate the blood microcirculation and the lymph in the areas treated.

Self-treating with multireflex tools activate the self-regulation process.


When we stimulate a reflex area on the face related to an organ or a limb, we are communicating with the brain. Our brain has the capacity to reactivate the flow of energy (the Qi) and reflexology serves to stimulate this process.

The tools are also used directly on the body, giving fast relief from pain, offering in-depth treatment and improving microcirculation.

High quality and handmade using sustainable methods, they produce fast, complementary results for both health practitioners and natural beauty specialists.

The natural horn is recovered from animals working in farming. No animals are harmed or bred for their horn.

How to use the tools

Each tool can be used for numerous treatments thanks to its rebalancing effects. View full descriptions, directions for use and video tutorials by clicking on the photograph of the tool in the sales catalogue.

Many of our students liken buying a tool to buying a face cream—the only difference is that the tool will last you a lifetime!

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Dien Chan - Multireflex

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