Welcome Freshmen!

Get through English Nine With Me


Hi, I’m Melina Mangino. I have experienced English 9, so now I will help you get through your year. English 9 is an awesome class, but it takes a lot of focus, dedication, and determination. It doesn’t come easily, but it can certainly be done. You will have a very fun year if you listen to these few tips. This will be the first thing you read, but get ready for many more to come.


I thought I was going to like Divergent because I was familiar with it. It turned out I liked it because it was one of the best books ever written. It was so detailed and always left you wanting to read more. It may have been long, but every word was so worth the read. Even if you don’t like to read, reading in Mrs. Allen's class is different. She plays Audio recordings of the book that read for you, so technically you don’t even have to read, just listen.

Romeo and Juliet

Obviously, going into Romeo and Juliet, I was doubtful. It is such an old writing, and the language Shakespeare wrote it in was kinda hard to translate, but Mrs. Allen uses tactics that can help anybody and everybody understand it. She makes us watch Videos and listen to clips that translate every part of the story. It makes it so much easier to read. Now that I really know the story of Romeo and Juliet farther than the Taylor Swift song, I love it! It has such a great message. We also watch three different Romeo and Juliet movies to help understand and really see the whole image. I loved this unit; it was one of my favorites!

Group Literature Circles

We did a lot of independent reading in English 9. I enjoyed independent reading, but the only problem was you could never talk to anybody about your book, because usually nobody else was reading it. With the group circles, everybody was reading the same book in your group. We could talk to each other about what you read, and it was easier to keep up with your reading because you didn’t want to be behind the rest of your group. I enjoyed reading with a group.


Poetry moved me. I never knew how great poetry was until we studied it at the end of the year. We listen to so many teens and some adults recite poetry, and it really shows you how these real world people just like us are feeling. We then started writing our own poetry, and I never knew even how I felt until I wrote it on paper. I was able to express my feelings that I never knew I had. I was hiding until we started poetry. This is a great lesson, probably my favorite.

Independent Reading

Independent reading wasn’t easy, but it was very possible. You may not enjoy it, but it is a big part of this class, and you will need to keep up with it. Make sure to pick a book that you are going to like. If you pick a book just because it's short or because the worlds are big, chances are you have a less chance of finishing it than a big book you enjoy. This part of English 9 can be really enjoyable if you let it.

My Fave

My favorite part of this class was Divergent. I loved the thrill and the romance throughout the book. It was a perfect book for literally any type of person. There was thrill, romance, Utopian society, and war. Anybody can love it as much as I did.

Least Fave

My least favorite part was when we read the short stories. They weren’t very enjoyable compared to everything else we did. The short stories have been around for a while, so I just didn’t like the way they were told.

My Advice

The biggest tip for English 9 that anyone can give is to stay on task! We move very fast in this class, so you can’t fall behind; it is too hard to come back. When you miss school for any reason, try to get your work ahead of time. As long as you are sticking with the pack, you will be fine.

Top 5

  1. Call Mrs. Allen Mrs. Yang. It is an inside joke from our Period 1 class.

  2. Keep your binder organized and always put your papers in the right section, immediately, don’t wait to do it. We have a binder check every nine weeks and it is much easier to have it pre-organized.

  3. If you stay on Mrs. Allen's good side, she will help you with any problem you have sooner than the ones on her bad side.

  4. You can make jokes to make Mrs. Allen laugh, and she will, but don’t get annoying. If you can see she isn’t enjoying the jokes anymore, stop.

  5. If you have her first period, you can talk during morning announcement, and you can even finish your breakfast… if you are good.


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” -Bruce Lee