Robert Hooke

Famous scientist

Who was Robert Hooke?

Robert Hooke was a famous scientist that invented so many necessities that we use and need in today's world.

When was he born?

Hooke was born on July 18th, 1635 in Freshwater, England.

Who were Hooke's parents

John and Cecily Hooke
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What characteristics Hooke has that are consistent with the characteristics of an effective leader?

Hooke was put his education on hold just teach young kids geometry. He also helped his community when London had that big fire

What unique experiences did Hooke have that enabled him to be an effective leader?

Hooke had to leave his mom when his dad died; he moved to a whole another city when he was only 13. He is a leader because, despite all the difficulties he went through he still managed to turn out big.
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The picture above is one of his inventions.

How has Hooke promoted his vision?

Hooke promoted his vision by us still using his inventions.

How have collaborative efforts of Hooke affected the past, the present, and perhaps the future?

Hooke's inventions have affect us by helping us drive places, it affects us now by helping us tell time, and it will affect us by still telling time.
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the picture above is a biography written about Robert Hooke by Lisa Jardine

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The picture above is one of Hooke's drawings

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The picture above is of the cell that Hooke discovered

When did Robert Hooke die

Robert Hooke died on March 3rd, 1703