Thomas Jefferson

And his life

Who Is Thomas Jefferson And His Family

Thomas Jefferson was our third founding father. He was born April 13,1743 ,Shadwell,VA,. He died July 4,Charlottesville,VA.He was a Democrat-Republican Party. His presidential term was March 4,1801-March 4, 1809.His spouse was Martha Jefferson {m.1772-1782} he had 6 children Martha,Mary,Eston,Peter,Jane, and Lusy . His mother and father was Peter Jefferson, Jane Randolph Jefferson.

Why Was Thomas Jefferson famous

Thomas Jefferson has many actions he and many other people are proud of for example

he is the man who wrote the Decloration of Indapendence. He also desinged the statue of Virgina Of Realigous Freedom.He also constructed the University of Virgina by leaving out

his term as president.

10 Amazing Facts About Thomas Jefferson

  1. He was a democract-republican party.
  2. He represented Virgina.
  3. He served as first secratary of state.
  4. Thomas Jefferson was a minister.
  5. He was a vice president to john Adams.
  6. He died July 4,1826.
  7. He was a spokesman for the Democracy.
  8. When he was president he 6 children.
  9. Thomas Jefferson was the 14# smartest president.
  10. He was very intelagint and religous.