Ridgeview Rambler

February 2016

Steps for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Young Children

* Be a model of someone who loves reading

You should model reading, make reading pleasurable, read aloud to your kid in situations that are warm and create positive associations. But also setting a tone where our family is one where we like to learn new things. We like to learn about the world, and a big part of that is reading. Developing a sense in the child that I am in a family of readers before the child can even read.

* Make reading the most appealing thing your child can do

It’s not enough that the child like reading. If they like reading but there’s something else available that they like more, they’re going to choose that. The easy way to start is to put books in places that your child would otherwise be bored. The most obvious one is in the car. Part of that is also making sure you’re not providing other types of ready entertainment at every moment.


RES Math and Science Night

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 5-7:30pm

1601 Marshal Ridge Drive

Keller, TX

Join us for a fun night exploring math and science!

  • Grade level math games!
  • Science Matters WOW Science!
  • KHS Robotics and Chemistry Clubs!
  • Zooniveristy!
  • RES Science Fair!
  • Keller PD Child ID's!
  • In & Out Burger (purchase online through PTA Membership Toolkit)


Cold Weather Reminders

KISD temperature policy is:

  • At or below 40 degrees, including wind chill factor, elementary students may go outside if clothing allows for proper coverage and protection from the cold
  • At or below 32 degrees, including wind chill factor, elementary students will stay inside
  • Rain, lightning, sleet, snow, and/or ice, elementary students will stay inside

Please make sure your child brings a jacket/coat every day as temperatures fluctuate and each grade level has a different recess time.

Valentine's Day

Although we do not have parties for Valentine's Day, if your child would like to bring a Valentine's Day card for each classmate please see your teacher's newsletter for information.

We ask that you do not send any treats or attach any candy to the Valentine's to maintain an allergen-free environment for all of our students.

Thank you!

Keller ISD R.O.C.K. Merchandise - now available to students!

We R.O.C.K. on Wednesdays at RES! Students now have the opportunity to purchase Reaching Out with Character and Kindness gear to wear with us. Merchandise can be ordered through the Keller ISD Web Store.


Keller ISD Parent Technology and Learning Night

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 5:30-8pm

350 Keller Parkway

Keller, TX

Please join us for this come and go event. There will be tables set up around the room for you to visit to get information about the digital tools being used in Keller ISD.

Featured Tables:

New Keller ISD Web Sites


Home Access Center

Plus many more!

Don't Miss Out on Capturing Memories

The Ridgeview 2015-2016 yearbook is currently on sale through the PTA Membership Toolkit. Books are $30 each.


Ridgeview Traffic Information Update

REMINDER: You must have a car sign to pick up a student from car pick up. If there is no sign, you will be sent to the office to check the student out.

If you are in need of additional signs, we are happy to print some for you. Please let your child's teacher know how many you need.

A few specific reminders:

* Remember it is illegal to be on your cellular device while driving on school property or in a school zone.

* All car drop off occurs in the lower loop. Parents should not walk to this area to pick up students.

* If your student is a walker and you would like to meet up with them, please meet them in the grassy area by our school sign, or at the back gate. The car pick up area is not for parent walk up.

Important- if you need to make a dismissal change for your student, please call the office prior to 2:30. After that time, we can not guarantee that the message will reach the student.

Keller ISD Film Festival

The Keller ISD Film Festival is back and looking for student filmmakers to show off their creative talents behind and in front of the camera. Entries will be accepted January 5-February 29.

The festival is an opportunity for students to develop their visual literacy and expand their educational experience in Keller ISD by fostering the creativity, artistic, communication and technical skills required for producing a movie. Students have seven entry categories to choose from including: Story, Comedy, Music Video, Documentary, PSA Plus, and Animation.

Students have the chance to be honored at an Awards Ceremony on April 5, 2016, at the Alliance Cinemark XD Movie Theater. Students can win trophies, certificates, prizes, and more!

For more information on the Film Fest, including details on how to submit your entries, visit www.KellerISD.net/Film!

eSchool Plus Family App

You can now easily access your child's schedule, attendance, and grades on your phone or tablet! Download eSchool Plus Family which will allow you to set up access to your Home Access Center account. Look for a flyer with more details attached to your child's classroom newsletter this week.

Coming up in February...

February 3 - Science Fair project check in

February 4 - Math and Science Night

February 9 - Campus Lockdown Drill

February 10 - 11 - 1st graders to Natatorium

February 12 - Jump Rope for Heart Assembly


February 16 - KISD Parent Digital Fair

February 29 - Fort Worth's Children's Opera performances during the school day

March 1 - Elections held on campus