Sugar and Spice Bakery

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Who are we?

Here at Sugar and Spice Bakery, we love to think of our business as a warm and welcoming shop where people can come and enjoy their sweets. Our bakery is a partnership business. While there are many pros to our decision, there are its cons as well. Partnerships can raise money more easily by borrowing or adding new partners (which we plan to do as our shop grows). My husband and I grew up loving to cook and bake, so we came up with the idea to share with you our talents and tasty treats. These examples being the great examples, there are the cons. Business partners are liable for the actions of the other partner. If one fails, the other goes down with them. Also, because our decisions are made together, there may be many disagreements. While these are true, we want our staff to have similar standings and opinions as us. With this standard, we believe we will have fewer problems that many other partnership businesses face.

Our Employees

Businesses have many responsibilities. Of these responsibilities, is our employees. One rule of owning a business is giving their employees their right to voice their concerns and create a quality work environment.My husband and I believe that they should have a say in what goes on at our bakery. From new ideas or recipes to sell products to certain items that they have noticed aren't selling that we shouldn't make anymore. In our business, we choose not to use Labor Unions. We believe it is not needed for our business in order to succeed. Everyone will get equal pay unless given more hours.