January Newsletter

Mrs. Sanders' Language Science Class

Happy 2017!

I am looking forward to the new year. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday break. We are ready to get back to work in Language Science class.

Bookshare and Learning Ally

Students have accounts set up in both Bookshare and Learning Ally. These are both sites that offer vast libraries of online books that are read aloud to dyslexic students while they follow along with the text. It is a great way to expose students to books that are at their "interest" level, but may not be on their "reading" level. The links below will take you to the sites. The student's user name is their last initial, first initial followed by their school id number. Their password is abcd1234. I have placed a few books on their virtual bookshelves, but students are free to add more. If they need help adding a book, they can let me know and I will add it for them. The videos below will help you learn more about both programs.
Learning Ally Audiobooks in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn and Succeed
Possibilities Abound with Bookshare!