Thomas and Sandy

The Manipulator: Chester V

Flynn created and invention called the FLDSMDFR; it made it rain food with only needing water. The invention created mess and got lost. Chester V ( a very famous invented Flynn has always dreamed of being) sends Flynn to swallow falls (the island that the food mess was created on) to find the FLDSMDFR. Chester V told Flynn he wanted him to find it so he could save Swallow Falls of all the mess. But at the end we see that Chester is actually evil and knew Flynn would fall for him lie. He really wanted the invention to help create his new food bar and make his own money.

Flynn was soo wrapped around a famous inventer asking him for help that he didn't even realize what chester was actually doing.

The Masquerader: Jack from Titanic

jack from the titanic is a manipulator by showing himself to rose as a well dressed up classy guy rather than showing her what he really what he is like in the lower class. rose finds out that he is lower class and can't be seen with him but she then realized that she liked him more than the fact he was basically broke. e.g. jack quotes that one night he was sleeping under a bridge and the the next he's on the grandest ship in the world.

The Benefactor: Doc Mcstuffins

Doc Mcstuffins is a doctor in a toddlers show. In the show she has the ability to make toys and stuffed animals come to life. When they do they all go outside and play and normally one of them gets hurt. She then takes them to her doctors office and helps fix them up. She enjoys helping the toys and stuffed animals and doesnt expect them to do anything for her in return.