All types of poetry

By Claudia b.

Cinquain poetry



Crunching,munching tasting

My tacos turned into nachos


By mrs. Pichowski poetry class

Iambic pentameter

Hello this is a little lesson of iambic pentameter, it's a form of poetry used by many poets.(mainly shakes spear.)so it uses feat not your feet but they look like boots.there is stressed and non-stressed syllables witch pretty much make the sound.well there can only be five feat in a stanza which is like a sentence but different. So try reading shakes spear or just plain I hope u learned a little something from this large paragraph


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Up coming updates

More poems coming up in next few days or hours if going well.

Acrostic poem about dogs

Destroyer of your home

Outstanding pet

Great friend


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Ice cream

Creamy chocolate syrup,

With whip cream,

And lots of caramel,

With smarties,Reese's,Oreo,

And very sugary.

Or use the 5 food groups hint:candy,candy canes,candy corn and syrup.

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Cat acrostic poem


A flexible feline

The best pet

Milk shakes




A American original