Tustumena Staff Newsletter

September 11, 2013

Minutes from this week, Agenda for next week

Good Morning,

From this morning's meeting:

· Testing Window- The window officially ends Monday, September 16, but please complete all testing by this Friday if possible.

· Email JoEllen if you have students to recommend to I-Team. She will be setting the schedule; Marina will be facilitating the I-Team meetings. (all day I-Team Meeting Sept. 24)

· Early Release on Sept. 18. Students go home at 2:10pm. Start reminding your kids and include it in your newsletters. Also, if you have parents that you know are prone to being "disconnected" please call them this week to remind them again. We do not want any kids getting off the bus without parents at home. The Boys and Girls club will modify its hours on all of the early release days.

· Agenda for the Collaboration Day has been sent to you via email.

· If you can help out this Saturday, it would be appreciated. The Tustumena 5K registration starts at 10:30am and the run begins at 11:30am.

· The September 11- Patriot Day, observance will be left to each classroom to decide on age appropriate acknowledgment.

· PTO- PTO has asked each classroom to have a parent rep. Please contact a parent you feel would be a good person for the PTO to use as a contact person for your class.

· We are moving Halloween. I think if we can move Labor Day, President's Day, and Memorial Day, we can move Halloween to a day that makes more sense for our educational environment. Pumpkin carving contest, and costumes for Pre-K - 3 on November 1. The Trunk or Treat event will still be held here on October 31. Please include this information in your newsletters early and often.

Agenda for Sept. 18

  • Treats by JoEllen
  • Overview of Agenda
  • Setting Norms
  • Establish Focus
  • Team will give example from September 6th including a 3rd grade standard to assessment level
  • Call the Question: Do we want to continue with this objective?
  • Guided Practice: As a whole group go through the same process with next/new GLE.
  • Set Agenda for next Collaborative Day based on progress of Sept. 18.