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Sept. 19, 2016

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Thank you for your participation in the "Top 10 Ways to Get Fired" training on Thursday. If you have any questions about information that Amanda shared with us, please don't hesitate to come see me!

APEX Fun Run

It will be an exciting couple of weeks leading up to our Fun Run on Sept. 29! This is the only fundraiser that we do as a campus, so please promote it within your classroom.

Monday - Teacher Huddle @ 3:45

Tuesday - Pep Rally @ 1:45 (follow PM assembly schedule)

Wednesday - Wednesday - APEX Team visits to classrooms (see attached schedule)

Thursday - FUN RUN! Students will run during their co-curr time

* Tuesday will be "Orange and Blue" day for our pep rally! Yes - jeans are blue! :)

How do you build relationships with your students?

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Math Intervention Programs

Please see the information below about acceptable math computer programs for our students.

We (KISD) did not renew FASTT Math for the 16-17 school year. The usage report did not yield enough time on intervention nor data based results to warrant a renewal. You may be able to log in – however it will expire in October and new students will not be loaded.

Grades 3-8 are expected to use Think Through Math as their online intervention if an online intervention is needed. Students in K-2 will better benefit from a face-to-face intervention based on TEKS scaffolding.

Think Through Math (Grades 3 and 4)

TTM is an adaptive online learning program that deepens students’ understanding of critical math concepts and problem-solving skills for Texas students in grades 3 – Algebra I. TTM has a benchmark series that you can utilize to measure student progress over the course of the school year. Students will take the initial benchmark (formerly the TTM adaptive placement), immediately upon logging into TTM.

To prepare for Benchmark 1

· Student usernames and passwords can be printed at Classes >> Start Cards.

· Ensure ESL/Bilingual students have access to Spanish audio/certified teachers before their benchmark. To do this, choose Users >> students >> click the pencil on the right >> At the bottom of the screen, select Spanish from the Second Language drop down menu >> Save

· Plan for students to take the 25-40 minute benchmark in a single sitting.

· Provide a short TTM overview for students before beginning the benchmark.

o Student reminders:

§ Do your best work.

§ Always use your TTM journal to solve your problem.

· The day after students have completed their first benchmark, teachers and administrators want to analyze student Quantile measure and performance grade levels. Reports >> Benchmark Growth.

· Teachers and administrators, reference the TTM Performance Levels here. In Texas, we fall under the “National Performance Levels”. More information about Quantile measures can be found here.

· Benchmarks require 90 calendar days between administration.

Preparing for Outstanding TTM Implementation in 16-17

TTM Usage Recommendations

· Quality over Quantity

· Minimum of 30 lessons passed by STAAR

· 2-3 lessons per week

· 60-90 minutes per week

· 70% or better pass rate

If you would like to read more about the body of research utilized to build TTM as well as the results districts have achieved using TTM with their students, you can access that here.

Education Foundation Grants

The Keller ISD Education Foundation grant process will open on Oct. 1! This is a great way to receive funding for those innovative ideas that we cannot support with campus funds. There are four grant workshop options to receive more information about applying for a grant. These workshops are not required in order to apply.

KHS Library - Sept. 27 @ 4:00

CHS Lecture Hall - Sept. 29 @ 4:00

FRHS Library - Oct. 4 @ 4:00

TCHS Library - Oct. 6 @ 4:00


Professional Learning Opportunities

Our Language Acquisition department have developed a series of 1 hour webinars (30 minutes live and 30 minutes independent) for you to get to know more about Building Academic Language, Language Rich Classrooms and LPAC 101. The webinars will give Sheltered Instruction credit, SBEC credit and in some cases EQ time. All webinars will be listed on Eduphoria and held through Zoom.

Along with the department webinars we’ve curated Region 11 and other professional development that will provide language learning opportunities for your teachers. All opportunities are listed on the below Google Sheets link by month. Please look often as there may be updates to the outside trainings listed.


This Week at RES....


APEX Teacher Huddle @ 3:45 in cafeteria

Tuesday - wear orange and blue!

Becky at ICLE Training

APEX Pep Rally @ 1:45 in cafeteria

SIT Form Help Session with Kristine @ 3:45 in her classroom

WatchD.O.G. Kickoff @ 5:30

Wednesday - Wear College Colors Day!

Becky at Edivate Boot Camp

Kim out for Substitute Orientation training (AM only)


Becky at Edivate Boot Camp


Becky at Edivate Boot Camp

Sara at At-Risk Coordinator Meetings