Suburban Sprawl

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Main Issues

Urban or Suburban sprawl is the expansion of urban developments on undeveloped land near a city and some main issues include:

  • It causes traffic congestion
  • It causes environmental harm

The negative effect of Suburban Sprawl

It causes:

  • Wildlife Endangerment
  • Increased Air Pollution
  • Water Overconsumption

The most affected area in North America The Northwestern regions are the most affected places in North America that are affected the most by Suburban Sprawl

How is wildlife affected

Wildlife is affected through the loss of their habitat and food and resources

League City

No we don't have this issue very much in League City. A suburban sprawl can affect our area if the population of League City increases

Articles about Suburban Sprawl FEATURED ARTICLES


Urban Sprawl

September 10, 2000

Re "Santa Monicas Searching for Balance," Aug. 20. The article tells of 3,700 housing units being [allowed] on mountainous properties along the Ventura Freeway corridor, including the cities of Hidden Hills, Agoura and Calabasas, all in Los Angeles County. I'm alarmed at the continuing loss of open space. This is urban sprawl! When you move, choose a house or an apartment where you can walk, bike or take mass transportation to most destinations. Stop spending so much time driving.



China's planned urban growth bodes ill for environment

April 21, 2014 | By Daniel K. Gardner

Premier Li Keqiang wants to wean the Chinese economy off its dependence on export trade in cheap electronics, clothes, toys and tchotchkes of all variety. Let the Chinese people consume instead, he says, and let them consume products and services of high value. But how do you take a developing country like China, where saving has traditionally been favored over spending, and transform it into a nation of mass consumers? Simple, Li explains: You urbanize it, because city dwellers earn much more and spend much more.

1950s Suburban Sprawl: Community Growth: Crisis and Challenge (1959) - CharlieDeanArchives
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How are people affected by a Suburban Sprawl

People are affected by this because if you live in areas like that there will be a lot of traffics, the amount of water in that area will decrease and the food and resources will decrease too because of the population in that area

What causes a Suburban Sprawl

A Suburban Sprawl is caused when houses and the population is big in a specific area

How to prevent it

Right now people are trying to find house far away from Suburban Sprawls and they are also trying to spread their houses around the community so the population in an area will be spread equally

How I think we should prevent Suburban Sprawl

I think we should spread out our population to make it equal so that we don't create more Suburban Sprawls