TA&A Newsletter - September Edition

Star Students, Studio Updates & Reminders!

Announcing Our August Star Students!

Thank you to all of our students who participated in the the Star Student Practice Program! We are so excited to see so many of you logging your practice time and achieving those goals!

It's never to late to get started, learn more about how to help your student log practice times here.

Here are our Star Students for August:

Mr. Mike's Stars

Caleb Dixon - always works incredibly hard at his music, practices, and has fun doing it!

Sarah Nafziger - a top practicer, a hard worker, and getting better every single day!

Olivia Freier - has come SO far with her flute, clearly practices, and always has a cheerful and can-do attitude.

Mr. Richard's Stars

Lucas Milogradov - for picking a song above his comfort and fighting his way thru it.

Grace Herring - for exceptional note reading and consistent good work.

Luke DeMattia - for bravely covering great amounts of new orchestral music.

Mrs. Shelley's Stars

Sydney & Noah Pettett - who are very consistent to make a practice goal and usually meet it or exceed it each week! They average 120 minutes of practice each week! Keep it up Pettetts!

Mrs. Lisa's Star

Emily Welles - she is always prepared, has a great attitude and practices up to 2 hours a day😘!
Her playing continues to improve by leaps and bounds!

Winter Recital/Showcase

We are actively working on putting together our program for this year's Winter Student Performances. Before we get too far into the planning process, we'd like to get your input on the format.

Option #1 - Digital Showcase

Much like what we did in the Spring, a Winter Digital Showcase would be hosted on our website with a variety of performance categories, age groups, themes, and even prizes! To cover the video editing and hosting, the cost per student would be $10.

Option #2 - In Person Recital
Like in years past, we do have the option to rent First Prosper's Sanctuary for an in person recital. Students would sign up for a 50 Minute Performance Block with a limited number of students to ensure safety measures can be adhered to. The Cost per student would be $45, this cost would cover the facility rental, equipment fees, and venue required custodial services.

We will review all survey response and release a decision based on the majority vote by September 21st.

Cast your vote here!

Attendance Policies

As a reminder, the studio has a Same Day Cancellation Policy in place. This means that ANY lesson cancelled by the student on the DAY OF is billable to your account. There are No Make Ups offered on Same Day Cancellations.

Absences communicated to the studio office prior to the Day Of are NOT billable and make ups will be scheduled based on teacher and student availability.

Pro Tip: Use the Student Portal to cancel in advance!

For more details on our attendance and cancellation policies, visit the Student Resources page.

Student Profiles - Please Review & Update!

Please take a moment to log in to the Student Portal and update your information.

Each student's profile should include their Birthday, Email (if available), Skype ID or Apple/FaceTime ID, and Parent Contact Information.

Please be sure to fill in any missing information so that we can effectively communicate updates to you.