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Week Ahead for Jan. 19th - 22nd

This month's focus is to Shelter the Homeless for the Year of Mercy. We are encouraged to donate to an agency serving the homeless, volunteer at a shelter, and practice generous hospitality by inviting guests to our homes.


More information on the Year of Mercy


Our School Goals

  1. 100% of our students will grow in the areas of Math and Reading
  2. 10% increase in advanced and proficient rating on state testing
  3. 90% of classroom students will reach their end of the year STAR target goal

This Week

A huge thank you to Jenny Chappa for coordinating and facilitating all of the access testing! And thank you to the entire staff for the flexibility this week in order to support our ELL students!

Tuesday, January 19th (Maroon B Day)

Access Testing - "Old" Tuesday/Thursday Schedule

Wednesday, January 20th (Gold A Day)

Access Testing - "Old" Tuesday/Thursday Schedule

Thursday, January 21st (Black B Day)

Transition to 4th Floor by 7:45 for merit presentation before Mass

Friday, January 22nd (Maroon A Day)

Access Testing - "Old" Tuesday/Thursday Schedule

Schedule for Access testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

(8th Grade Teachers and Marc - I am sorry that this schedule does not reflect our slightly adjusted dear and lunch time to accommodate some time in between lunch and gym. I didn't have an electronic copy of that timing.)
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This Week's Team Meeting Focus = Curriculum

This Week = Curriculum Focus

Next Week = Team Choice

Radio Show with Valeria Lopez, Elizabeth Kunze, Martha Tellez, and Laura Gutierrez

Upcoming Dates

January PD

21st = Vertical PLCs Resume

28th = Math Parent Event/Connecting with Parents (Sign up for a station!)

Second Quarter grades are to be completely updated by Friday, Jan. 29th.

Second Semester starts Wednesday, Jan. 27th. Students will switch specials, except for Spanish, on this day. All students will receive paper copies of their new schedules. Students that are in LE will start going to LE during their grade's elective time instead of during math/reading on this date.

Catholic Schools Week - February 1-February 5

All choice schools are in Open Enrollment period at this time. Open Enrollment will end on February 15th so classes that are below our cap class size may have additional students that join. If you have questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Have a wonderful week!