Second Grade News

May 14, 2016

Events for the Week

Monday and Tuesday

End of Year Fiction test

Friday, May 20th

8:50 am Spring Instrument Concert

Ask Your Child About

Did you like having your own Ipad to use for our Math lesson?

Was Abbie a hero form the story Keep the Lights Burning Abbie?

What do you do when you see parenthesis in a Math problem?


On Thursday I borrowed enough Ipads from other teachers so that every child had one. I did this because I wanted to use a new program called Nearpod . I developed a lesson that helped the kids to review for the Math test. During the lesson the kid could see each slide from the lesson on their Ipad and answer the questions using their own Ipad. The kids LOVED it!!!

Curriculum for the Week


  • End of year Fiction test
  • Nonfiction skills


  • Addition and subtraction Number stories

  • Trading-first subtraction

  • Multiplication

  • Division


  • Color poems

  • Simile poems

  • Introduce fiction story writing




Fluency sheet

Home Link 11.1

Spelling page 31


Fluency sheet

Home link 11.2

Spelling page 32


Fluency sheet

Home link 11.3

Spelling page 33


Fluency sheet

Home link 11.4

Study for test