The dirty dirty dumpsters

News of the Week of October 4th

How do dumpsters effect your health

If you see a dumpster what's the first thing that comes to mind? The first thing that comes to my mind are garbage, bacteria, smelly and lots more. If you see people living in or near dumpsters tell them to get away ASAP. If they dont the will probally catch plauges. Plagues are dieseases that people got long ago when people lived near dumpsters or near garbage. Also if you live near a dumpster and the garbage is wet it can create mold. Just for your health dont live near dumpsters.

Inside of a dumpster

How germy is inside of a dumpster?

Inside of a dumpster it is very germy. Mold is mosly inside of the dumpsters. Thats whats inside of a dumpster