Caste System Project

By Sarah Lane and Kelsey Poremba


Members of the highest caste, they were priests. Consists of those engaged in high education and teaching. Received the highest amount of respect. Life would be ahead of the curve and domination of the social class. You would live in the best homes beside the castle. You would have slaves and servants.
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Members take on all types of public services, such as warriors, administrators, law and order, and defense. Life as a kshatriya would include the every day life of being a warrior or a normal job. Even though they are not the highest class, they have such as a high social class because of their fighting or jobs.
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The Vaishyas were skilled farmers, merchants, and craftsmen. Even though they are not the highest class they get treated well in society. They wear good clothing and have nice houses. They also had a good food supplies. They are the commoners of the society. In this caste they had mini castes inside with more ranking.
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The Sudras

The Sudras were the unskilled people of the caste system. They are the lowest ranking and could barely find a job. Sometimes they could get a small paying job on a farm or a cleaning business. They were the largest population and had limited rights. Some believe that this caste were decedents of the people who founded the Indus River.
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The Untouchables

They were so low that they didn't even get their own ranking. Nobody was aloud to touch them nor talk to them. They were not even considered human. They had no rights and the only job they could get was begging. If you were born an untouchable you could not marry out you had to stay there. They were the most disrespected people of the whole Hindu society.
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