$350 Easton Baseball bat for $175!!

This bat will only cost you $175 with no returns.

This Mako is available now the 2015 model.

The reason I am selling this is because I am getting the same bat but bigger size. The reason why I'm not getting the new model is because I love this bat model it has a lot of power and it is very durable.

This is a drop 9 (-9) 30 inch/29oz bat.

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The Mako is granted the power to hit homeruns!!!

The DuBois House

You can find use when you put out an offer (our home address).

These are reasons why you should buy this bat...

  • 1. This is the nicest and best bat you can buy to this day!

  • 2. This is the most durable well put together bat that money can buy!

  • 3.This bat is made by the one of the most, if not the most reliable bat companies on this plant!
You might be saying that "This is to good to be true" but no this is a real deal and it is the best one you will find! There is no doubt that this is the best bat with the best deal, so come on down get $175 off this beautiful bat!