Thursday Brief

September 26


If students received an enrichment tutorial slip, please make sure they returned even if they are not staying. Thank you.

Other notes...

  • UIL...UIL try-outs will be next week. Please make sure you know if students are staying for try outs.
  • Gold Heart Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer. You can give any donations and hearts to Misty this Friday and Next Friday. We will make our Gold Heart Wall in the front commons area.


Please put in work orders if you have printer issues. You can also email me so I'm in the loop.

Weekly Calendar

ThursdaySeptember26Alex Ready Birthday

SundaySeptember29Troy OwensBirthday

Sunday-SaturdaySeptember29- Oct2019Open MindednessP2

MondaySeptember30First 6weeks test

MondaySeptember30Ashley Debler Birthday

TuesdayOctober1Book It Begins

TuesdayOctober1Lisa NelsonBirthday

TuesdayOctober1Veronica Villarreal

WednesdayOctober2National Custodian DayAll Day

WednesdayOctober2Science Fair Parent Meeting6:00 AMCommon Area

FridayOctober4Lab Coat Parade8:00 AMHallways and Stage


Monday, Oct. 7th, 6-7pm

2505 Waldron Road

Corpus Christi, TX

We plan to have a homecoming float! Thank you Mrs. Elliott!!! Please let me know if you can help decorate and if you and your family want to ride. RSVP here.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Collection For Darrell

Darrell, one of our Night Custodians in the 4th grade hall, has been ill and has been out of work. We are taking a collection for him and hope he will be better soon and back to work. If you would like to donate, please give to Nadine and sign the card wishing him well.

September Pictures Video

Please add any pictures here from September for my October Newsletter video. Make sure students are good for public. Please include pictures from Dot Day, Constitution Day, Parent Orientation, Patriot Day, anything else fun :).

Staff Halloween Luncheon

Tuesday, Oct. 29th, 11:30pm to Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 1pm


Join in on the Ghoulish Fun and Sign up for our Halloween Luncheon!

Updated Calendar-Always Updating-Please look over

Here is the updated calendar. I think I have birthdays and updated dates with everything i have thus far. If something is wrong or missing LET ME KNOW! I am one person with two eyes. I really need help with this. Calendar is the one thing that drives me nuts. Also, if you can go on the district one and double check me there, that helps too.


Positivity Project Week Four: Open Mindedness


Please make sure you complete your TTESS goal and Professional Development Plan on DMAC by the required deadline of October 4th. Also, if you are allowed a waiver, I put a form in your box. If you are on year two you do not need a new form. See me if you have a question about waiver. You do NOT have to waive!!!! Throw away if you want an observation.

I put the Appraisal Calendar in your boxes. If you are required for formal observation, pick three dates and time (preferably before Christmas break) and put in the folder (TTESS) outside my office.

Teach Like A Champion Online Resources

All teachers need to sign up for this FREE PD Resource.

From Mrs. Villarreal

*Teachers, please turn in any volunteer background check forms to the front office or my box in the front lounge. We had many dads fill out these forms yesterday at our WATCH DOG launch. The sooner they are processed, the faster they can come in and volunteer once they are cleared.

*Please turn in completed Anger Management forms and Mentoring forms to my box in the front lounge. Also, if you still need these forms, the parent permission slips are outside my door.

*Anger management meets on Mondays at 9 a.m. and the HS Mentors meet on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Please remember these are TWO SEPARATE GROUPS. Some students that are signed up for mentoring only, showed up for Anger management.

*The Anchored 4 Life program will be starting soon. Please think of two trustworthy students, one boy and one girl, that can be the “go to” student for any new students placed in your class. These students will sit show the new student where things are in the class, introduce them to friends, and sit with them at lunch. Email me their names so I can start my list. These students will be known as Anchored 4 Life Classroom Team Members.

From Mrs. Hoover

am working on re-entering all students passwords for HMH. If you plan on having your students work on it (Chromebooks individually), in the next few days, please let me know and I will work on your class first. Students do go to the same website as you use. They will enter Texas and Flour Bluff. The user id is their school lunch/computer number and then the password will be Hornets1. If you have any issues please let me know. Ms. Clark thank you for trying this out first and being patient while we worked out the kinks.

ESL Tab 2 on Google Drive will need to be completed by October 10th.


Send scrantrons to the front after you have gone over them with Sharpie. I will print reports once everyone is done.

Intermim Assessment

Remember this needs to be completed by the end of September. We are almost done. Thank you so much to Ms. Harms for helping and overseeing this large project. Once scores are uploaded to DMAC, then I will print reports