Writing Porfolio

J.Barnes 1st Pd.

Only Me!

My name is Jacquasia and I am nice , outgoing , and pretty. I enjoy dancing &' cooking. My favorite thing to cook is Tacos &' Homemade Hot Wings. I used to dance for my school a year ago but I had knee surgery. I also enjoy shopping &' getting my hair and nails done. I like to shop at Williamsburg &' Potamic Mills shopping center. I only go to a few stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 , &' mostly H&'M. When I get braids the africans do my hair and when I have my hair out the dominicans do my hair. I have a hair stylist too. My stepmom has her own business doing nails so i go to her because she knows how to do them right.


The purpose of writing is to increase students vocabulary. The main purpose of academic writing is to stay focus on a specific topic. When teachers assign essays its certain steps you have to follow. Students must understand what is asked of them, brainstorm, research, plan and have organization.

6 Word Memoir

Looking good. Looking bad. I'm confident.

Sun Sentence

I am like a kitten because I'm shy.

Shadow Sentence

Inwardly , I am like a alligator because I'm not afraid.

" If your house is on fire , warm yourself by it " - Spanish proverb Quote #7

This quote is trying to say its a good in every bad. I can relate to this quote because I came to VHS thinking it was going to be a bad experience but then I realized my actions depend on a lot of things and if I react right to a lot of things everything will be just fine.

Reflection of Essay. " Sneakers "

I wrote my essay to persuade a lot of kids to keep there shoes clean. Because you see a lot of kids throwing away their shoes or giving them away but they don't realize there parents spend a lot of money on those shoes. I try to build my wardrobe so if my shoes get dirty I try to clean them instead of just throwing them away. So I tried to persuade kids to keep their shoes clean because they never know when a opportunity like this may come around.