Scientific Revolution

Leslie Vazquez - Alva

Scholars Associated With The Change

What was the change?

The Scientific Revolution was a major change within the European people in the mid 1500s, observations and questionings of previous beliefs of the natural world were accepted and studied further more. This was a new way of thinking of the natural world. Before the 1500s people believed Earth was centered in the middle of the universe. A few scholars took hold of scientific research. Discoveries of these scholars led to the Scientific Revolution.

The Change's Impact On Society At The Time

The scientific revoultion spread! New tools and instruments were developed to make more accurate observations. Scientific instruments like the the first microscope was created along with the barometer and thermometer. These tools were used for the creation of medicine. Later, discoveries in chemistry were founded. Founder of modern chemistry used the scientific method. The scientific revolution, the new way of thinking, helped society to insight the underlying beliefs of religion.The change brought society in Europe out of the forced religions. This lead to enlightment.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

Evidence that the change impacted today's society is the scientific method. The scientific method is the steps to collecting and testing ideas. Microscopes, barometers, and thermometers were creations from the scientifc revoultion era that are still used today in modern science.