Historian has proven these facts

The beginning of Mesopotamia

The cities that started Mesopotamia are : Sumer, Assyria, Babylonia, ur and more

In Mesopotamia they had requirements and these are some

1.urban revaluation political and military buildings

3.public buildings based on economic power

4.the creation of complex technology

5. Development of writing

6. Distinct religious buildings

7. New types of artistic and cultural activities

Hammurabi's code

Hammurabi's code was important because they where the first set of laws and even of you were rich or poor if you were guilty you had to pay a fee.

Here a 5 laws that will translated into the Yale law school form

195. If a son strike his father his hands shall be hewn off.

196. If a man put out the eye of another man his eye shall be put out.

197. If he break another man's bone his bone shall be broken.

198. If he put out the eye of a freed man or break the bone of a freed man he shall pay one gold mina.

199. If he put out the eye of a man's slave or break the bone of a man's slave he shall pay one-half of its value.

The story Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh was a man and a god. He could do amazing things he could go to the end of the ocean and come back in one breath he could pick up mountains he has fought every monster. But one day he grew bored so he went and look for a fight but when ever the monster heard that Gilgamesh was walking around the woods the monsters would hide. Only if he could fly he could see where they were hiding but he was not a god well not a full god only 1/3 of a god. Well one day Gilgamesh went to the ziggurat and prayed for the gods to send something fun for him to do. So the gods saw and saw that is was a fair deal so they quickly created a wild man that was faster and stronger then. Wen Gilgamesh heard he quickly went to to see what he could do. Then out of nowhere they started to fight and destroying houses. When the wild man tried to choke him Gilgamesh he could not because Gilgamesh could hold his breath for a long time and when Gilgamesh tried to strangle the wild man he could not ether because the wild man was to fast. After a while the became friends and left to search for a adventure. When they left the monster and people through a celebration that they left and every day the people would pray that Gilgamesh and his friend would find adventures.