CMS Weekly Update:

November 18, 2022

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CMS Grade 5 students learn what random acts of kindness look like!

On Monday of this week, Kristopher Meja, who is a Grade 5 student in Mrs. Phillip's homeroom, along with being a homeroom representative to the student council, made everyone's day brighter and happier.

Over the previous weekend, Kris took the spare time he had, not to play outside, play video games, or maybe even rake the leaves. Instead, he took his time to write a personal card to each and every one of his classmates, stating why he enjoyed his classmates, what he loved about each and everyone one of them, or acknowledging their hard work and effort in class.

This random act of kindness permeated throughout the class that day and throughout the whole week. Kris created a moment to acknowledge and appreciate his fellow students, and by doing this allowed all the students to feel a wonderful sense of joy and appreciation for who they are.

Though CMS prides itself on what the students learn academically, many times the real learning comes from moments like this.

Kris, Coelho Middle School is honored and privileged to have such a wonderful, kind young man, as yourself.

More more acts of Kindness at CMS

With Coelho Middle School being a Feinstein Leadership School, we adopt the Feinstein Foundation’s mission of “encouraging youngsters to help others in need.” We work hard to not only create a community within our school but one that extends to the larger community of Attleboro. Recently, the Feinstein Foundation released two goals for each of its Leadership Schools - (1) The establishment of an in-school Food Pantry that families can donate to and access when needed and (2) The creation of a Kindness Tree.

The Coelho Middle School Feinstein Jr. Scholar Food Pantry has since been created. Families in need of assistance in meeting their household’s food needs should reach out to either Mrs. Weeman or Mrs. Mann, our school adjustment counselors, and can establish a time to visit the food pantry and select some items in a private manner. Throughout the year, we will have monthly donation themes to supplement our food pantry’s needs, as we recognize that food insecurity extends beyond the holiday seasons.

The Kindness Tree initiative allowed us to work with our Art Club students to design a tree with leaves that showcase our student’s good deeds and acts of kindness throughout the school as they are recognized by both staff and fellow peers. It operates on the idea that kindness is contagious and students should be recognized for their positive efforts. Please check out our Kindness Tree as you visit our main office. We hope that it will keep branching and growing throughout the school year!

Parents-Teacher Conference Letters to Parents.

Either this Friday, 11/18 or next Monday, 11/21, your child will bring home this letter, regarding the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences, that will be held in December.

Along with the letters, next week, your child's individual teachers will be sending out an email, with instructions on how you can sign up for a conference if you would like to. In this email, you will be able to choose the date and specific time that you would prefer. (we can't guarantee this as their is a limited amount of time, but we will try to our best)

At-Home Covid-19 Tests for the Thanksgiving break

Those of you that requested an At-Home test for the Thanksgiving break, will be receiving them on Tuesday of next week,

PTO/CMS Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

Please click on the link below to get access to the form.

Apptegy Notifications

Please take the time to download the new APS app for your phone. You will be able to receive notifications and important information from CMS, as well as Attleboro Public Schools.
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Student Travel Program


Please join us at Wamsutta Middle School on October 26th at 6:30 pm to learn more about the Middle School International Travel Program and our currently scheduled tour of Italy and Greece, April 12-21, 2024. During the year the trip is run (the school year 2023-2024), if your child is in grades 6-8, s/he is eligible. Parents, you may register and join your child in the program as well! Hope to see you there 🙂

You can preview the upcoming itinerary here:

My TourCenter | Explorica

Explorica Educational Tours - Login to your Explorica account to modify educational travel price quotes, view and update your Tour Center, make payments, and more.

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Yearbook Order Form

If you would like to order a yearbook for the 2022-23 school year, please click on the link CMS YEARBOOK, to order one

Late Busses and Afterschool Activities

Starting on October 13th, late busses and afterschool activities will begin at Coelho Middle School.

For those wishing to participate in afterschool activities, these clubs will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 to 3:30. Students will get the opportunity to sign up the day before in the cafeteria.

For those students that need a late bus to get home please make sure that you are aware of the following:

  • Late busses only run on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Only students that are registered and assigned to a bus are eligible for a late bus.
  • Late Bus stops are different than regular stops. Students will be notified next week of what stop they are assigned.
  • Late bus students are picked up at 4:00 PM

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Access your account for ASPEN

Please click on the embedded link to the Attleboro ASPEN page to view your child's homeroom assignment, schedule, and other information on a daily basis.

Just so that you are aware, the expectation for updating grades in Aspen is every two weeks.

If you need your Aspen password reset, please follow the directions on this page.

If you are new to APS or can't remember your username as a parent, please email Kendra Alfred @ and Heather Dennehy @

You can also fill out the ASPEN username/password form and an email will be sent to you

2022-23 APS District School Calendar

Upcoming Dates:


  • Food Drive: 11/9/22 to 11/30/22: Support St. Theresa’s Food Pantry
  • Nov 10th: NO clubs or LATE BUSSES
  • Nov 11th: No School: Veteran's Day
  • Nov 22nd: NO clubs or LATE BUSSES
  • Nov. 23rd No School
  • Nov 30th: Picture Retakes
  • Nov 30th: Cougar Pride Breakfast
  • Dec 2nd: Term ends
  • Dec 9th: Report Cards issued
  • Dec. 14th: 1/2 day of school/Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Dec. 15th: Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Community Updates

All APS Community Fliers can be found within the Welcome Center website. To view this week’s fliers, including information from throughout Attleboro please visit the Welcome Center webpage or click here for current fliers.

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