Articles of Confederation:

Find the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confed.


  • It unified the states by creating an army for the nation.
  • It set up a legislative branch for the country, and allowed each state one vote.
  • It dealt with foreign affairs as a community on behalf of the states.
  • The army was able to be controlled by the government.
  • It distributed power equally between the legislative branch, governor, and courts.
  • Practiced checks and balances.
  • It was a representative democracy, which met the wants of the citizens.


  • The government could not enforce laws, which meant that states could ignore them.
  • The National government was unable to tax the states.
  • To pass a law 9 out of the 13 states would have to vote for it.
  • All 13 states needed to vote to amend a law.
  • It had no executive or judicial branch for the government.
  • The states were allowed the tax each other, but that grew out of hand, and caused problems with trade.
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Why so Weak?

I believe that the founding fathers wanted the first constitution of the country to have a weak national government to prevent another revolution. The American Revolution was caused by the overpowering control from England on the colonies, and if America wanted to have to deal with another war once the future government wanted to tax the people too much then they would have originally started with a strong central government. Thomas Jefferson , a founding father that wrote the Declaration of Independence, wanted to establish a democracy. A democracy is run by the people and does not have extreme government control, which is why the Articles of Confederation were so weak.


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