MCCC Parent Management Committee

August 2013

From the president

A warm welcome to those families who are receiving this newsletter for the first time. As we are a parent committee-managed centre we believe it is important to let you, the families we represent, know what we have been up to and what we are planning to do.

The most important task we are currently undertaking is the renewal of our licence agreement with Monash. I have been working with the Presidents at the Clayton centres to present a 'united voice' to Monash. As part of the current negotiations we are hoping to achieve several outcomes. Firstly, adjunct staff status for all permanent centre staff. This will mean for example that they will have access to the library, which is important for their ongoing educator professional development, access to the HUB services, the gym and, perhaps most importantly for our Caulfield staff, access to the parking permit system! We are also trying to increase the frequency of the painting cycle - currently only every 7 years - and establish a ‘maintenance contract’ that should improve the system for all of the jobs that constantly need doing and be more cost effective. We are also negotiating to be part of the Monash buying power when it comes to utilities - particularly electricity (currently $10K per year). It is a long list but I am hopeful that we will achieve most of it. I will keep you posted.

Another big change has been in our financial area. As of 1st July we have changed who we use for our financial services, which has meant a change in the payroll system and the bookkeeping system. The purpose of this change is twofold; a more transparent system that gives us more control and better information for decision making, and a more cost-effective way of managing the business.

We have also been helping redesign some of the management roles in the centre. This will result in some great new opportunities for existing staff and some vacancies for talented new educators. Rukmini will be making some announcements about this soon.

As always we welcome your input and I am only too happy to answer any queries you might have. Any parent is welcome to attend any of our committee meetings. The next big event will be our AGM in October and I look forward to seeing you there.

Erica Brady,

President of MCCC Parent Management Committee


Erica and Rukmini attended a joint meeting between the Clayton childcare centres and Monash on Friday 19th July.

An in-principle agreement was reached regarding the body of the license agreement. The aim is to have the new agreement with all inclusions operative as of January 2014.

Erica and Rukmini will be attending the meetings approximately every 5 weeks as these negotiations take place. Stay tuned for further updates shortly!

What's on the agenda this month?

  • Finalising fees policy (inclusion of levy process)
  • Renewal of licence agreement with Monash
  • Planning for AGM (October)
  • Finalising committee member position descriptions
  • Planning next year's big birthday celebrations!

Position vacant - Working Bee Coordinator

Our Working Bee Coordinator recently stepped down from this position, so we now have a vacancy for a Working Bee Coordinator. The role involves organising and managing the working bees (2 or 3) for the centre each year. The role could be shared. You don't need to join the actual Committee to take on this role, but you would report to a Committee member.

If you are interested, please contact

Ways YOU can get involved

Being involved with the Committee is a fantastic way to support the centre your child attends. While you may not wish to be a formal Committee member, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved, such as:

  • Assisting with our garden
  • Fixing toys and equipment (we love recycling and avoiding unnecessary waste!)
  • Sewing (dress-ups, costumes, interior décor…)
  • Helping with set up and clean up at social events
  • Attending the AGM
  • Assisting with web and graphic design
  • Assisting with incursions and excursions

Levies and fees update

Please note that fees will be increased from January 2014.

  • Full fee will be increased by $1.00 to $89.00 per day.
  • Student fee will be increased by $1.00 to $85.00 per day.

This increase will be used to cover staff salary increments to align with inflation. We are pleased that we have been able to keep the increase so low despite the ever-rising costs associated with running the centre.

Levies survey results

Thank you to all the families who recently participated in our online levies survey.

After the survey data was analysed, the Committee made the unanimous decision to charge each family an annual levy of $200 per year, to be direct debited at the start of the financial year (July from 2014, August in 2013).

This levy will be rebatable in $50 increments for contributions made towards the Centre. There will be various options for contributions, including attending working bees, assisting with special events/projects, joining the Committee, assisting with specific odd jobs/gardening, website design etc (other suggestions/options will be at the Committee's discretion). Please contact Erica, Rukmini or Dinah if you would like to suggest a specific contribution you would be able to make. Families will be able to apply for incremental refunds on a 6 monthly basis, by submitting a form to be
processed (available at the office).

Did you offer to help out in the survey?

Many people were kind enough to make offers to assist with tasks that the Centre and the Committee require assistance with, including fundraising, special events and working bees. If you offered assistance in the survey, we would love to hear from you! Please contact either Ruki or Dinah to make yourself and your skills known – we greatly appreciate any assistance families are able to give us in terms of their time and labour. Any time or labour that is donated to the Centre will be redeemable for levies, and you do not have to join the Committee to help out.


Did you know that if you wish to terminate your childcare or drop the number of days your child attends, you must give the Centre four weeks’ notice in writing? Families are still responsible for paying fees at the original (higher) rate during this four week notice period, before the reduction of days or cancellation comes into effect, irrespective of whether the child attends during this period.


Mothers Day Morning Tea - 7 May 2013

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a lovely morning tea with the

children. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Father's Day

Sunday, Sep. 1st 2013 at 12am


Family Day Out

Sunday, Oct. 6th 2013 at 11am-1pm

128 Rowans Rd

Moorabbin, VIC

You are invited to join the Monash Caulfield Childcare Centre families and staff for a FREE day out at the Miniature Steam Railway.


Tuesday, Oct. 15th 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

22-24 Derby Road

Caulfield East, VIC