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Pigs: A Unique Species

Pigs are a very unique species and are raised around the world. Originating from the Eurasian Wild Boar, pigs mostly live on farm sanctuaries. Pigs can be seen in various colors such as black, brown, spotted, and the usual pink. Although they may not seem like a very bright species, but there ways of communicating with one another, is much more advanced than other animal species. They use grunts, snorts, and other noises to alert and talk to one another. Even young piglets can respond when called and learn their names within a few weeks. Pigs are very calm animals, and usually lie around for most of the day. (especially when it's hot; pigs wallow in mud because they don't have sweat glands!) Despite rolling around in all the filth, pigs can be a very clean species! They are aware not use the bathroom where they usually live. When they need to go, they waddle out of their barn, and relive themselves. These oinkers mostly eat slop, but they also eat various types of vegetation. So next time you stroll down the meat isle, think of getting turkey bacon instead!

Pigs love to hang out in the mud...

because they have no sweat glands to cool themselves off!
Hamlet the Mini Pig - Goes Up the Stairs