An introduction of pet blow molding

Introduction of blow molding:

Blow molding is the art of melting plastic and then molding it into any shape of your choice. Most of the plastic equipment you see around you including bottles, etc. are manufactured using blow molding machines. These machines are of different kinds and are used to serve different purposes. In most of the cases they are used for molding bottles of different kinds. Getting the right blow molding machine is very important if you want to produce high quality plastic products. If you are looking for a good machine in order to start a new molding business or to expand an existing one, we may help you out by providing you state of the art blow molding machines at very nominal and affordable rates. We offer a variety of blow molding machines of different kinds. You may choose the one that best suits all your requirements and necessities. Our collection comprises of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic blow molding machines. The subcategories include bottle blow molding machines, pet blow molding machines, stretch blow molding machines and many others.

Pet blow molding machines:

Pet blow molding machine is a blow molding machine that is used mainly for the production of pet plastic bottles. The pet blow molding machines that are offered by our company include a lot of high end feature. Some of those features are discussed below:

There is a preform feeding system along with an accumulation container or hopper, gravity rails, orientator and preform conveyer. Steering and other electrical components are also included. You may also get an optional preform tilter or dumper by paying some extra money.

Brief description of how the machine works:

Most of the pet blow molding machines operate on the principle of double stage production process. This process consists of two basic phase. In the first phase, the preform is produced by making use of injection machines. The second and final phase is making the final form of the bottle.

The whole double stage production process is carried out in a number of steps. In the first step, preform is heated using a special preform heater. After that the blow mold is opened and the preform is inserted into the unit. The machine is then closed and the process of bottle blowing and stretching is initiated. Later on, mold’s opening is carried out and the finished bottle is transported to the exit conveyer of the machine. That’s it! Your bottle is ready for transporting it to your clients.

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