Principal Update

April 2, 2015

Happy Spring Break

BSE Crew,

After what might have been THE longest 3rd quarter of our lives we have finally reached a break in the action! I want to send you a sincere thank you for the commitment to your instructional time and creativity that you exhibited all the way to the last minute. Our walls and halls are filled with amazing action. I celebrate the growth of our staff in the arena of student application. The use of technology to enhance student choice while in intense collaboration of key content learning is thriving throughout the building. I am thankful and excited to see more and more of this "kind" of learning throughout the grade levels. This is a great time to continue to push yourself in this area and really ask yourself if you have stepped out of your comfort zone. Take the risk, you have my support, and your students will thrive.

When we return please have your students hit the refresh button on your halls and walls. The postings this year have been insane on the authentic level, however if you have anything "winter" focused or something that has been up for a long while, get it refreshed (kids can do all of this work).

Below you will see what is our preliminary roster for teaching assignments for the 2015-2016 school year. Very little changes this year and thanks to those who have made a shift for the betterment of the entire organization. We will also have to face "true" numbers in our redistricting that could offer us changes in grade level teacher assignments. This is a draft at this point, but hoping it remains in place. Welcome to our new staff!

Have the best and most relaxing break you can muster up and thank you for keeping our kids at the forefront of every thought, decision, and action you take while working for the BSE school community!


Congrats and Welcome New Staff for the 2015-2016 School Year

2015-2016 Roster (Subject to Change until August 12,2015)

BSE - 2015-2016

Hartmann K

Creager K

Stiner K

Renckly K

Nix K

Lansdale K

Gaudreau 1

Johnson 1

Valentine 1

Kalustian 1

Siwik 1

Ardnt 1 (HA)

Calabrese/Shan 2

Dale 2

Robinson 2

Beyrer 2

Anders 2 (HA)

Schermerhorn 3 (HA)

Smith 3

Kussy 3

Robinson 3

Gibosn 3

Stewart 3

Rogowski 4 (HA)

Murch 4

Mulvaney 4

Porzuczek 4

Skaggs 4

Reiter Sped


I am seeking a new 2nd or 3rd grade teacher to represent the PTO executive committee beginning the next school year. Interested? Send me an email!

Reading - F/P Benchmarking and LLI

As you know we have been working towards very specific goals with benchmarking and LLI within our school improvement plan this school year. Thus far we are exceeding our targeted accomplishments. This is outstanding news and a great time for a quick update.

A few weeks ago Dr. Loane asked that we identify two staff members to serve as our reading guru's for the next few years. These staff members will act in a similar manner as our current math gurus (Mulvaney and Robinson) in receiving district guidance and professional development and be fully in charge of sharing and development of PD locally. Our staff is filled with instructional talent in the reading arena, so final selections were tough. I am happy to share that Marcia Gibson and Sarah Schermerhorn will be our official reading BSE gurus the next few years. Both Marcia and Sarah maintain great depth in study and training within their resume. They are both passionate reading instructors and will be amazing gurus for us to say the least.

Next year we will continue to work with Dr. Loane, TDS (not sure what capacity or who), and our staff to highlight the reading instructional talents and strengths on our staff. I'll be working throughout the next few months to begin to design our PD schedule that will certainly be more specific In regard to reading next year.

Marcia and Sarah, in partnership with a variety of staff, have designed a quick survey that will assist them in their first steps in guiding our PD's etc. for the future. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO COMPLETE THIS VERY SHORT SURVEY! The results WILL be used and are greatly appreciated by the team!

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