Come to Texas

Jonathan Darmawan

Texas New Land New Oppertunities

Buy Land Now!!!

With cheap costs, fertile soil and beautiful scenery, Texas is the perfect place to start fresh, settle a family, and have adventures.

Empresarios Land Grants

Saturday, April 14th 1821 at 12am to Wednesday, Nov. 14th 1832 at 11:45pm

Couhuila y Tejas

Buy land in Couhuila y Tejas to settle down in.

Mild Climate Year Round

The climate in Texas is never too cold. Wonderful for being outside.

Land Policy

Settlers who are farmers will receive 177 acres, and Ranchers will receive 4,428 acres.

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Requirements for Coming to Texas

  1. Must be/become a Mexican citizen
  2. Must be/become a catholic
  3. Must obey laws